D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S: What Hawkers In Kenya Spell Out In Capital Letters: Using The Opportunity To Recruit Youth Into Steemit

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Watching in wonder how unemployment is biting painfully in my country is not just a mere statement. The youth are getting it rough to get employed nowadays. Though many have gone to school and attained certificates, diplomas or degrees, getting jobs has become a hard task to achieve. The youth are there vulnerable to any opportunity that arises and eagerly jump into the bandwagon without first investigatiñg to get more information. It is therefore no wonder that many are subjected to hawking different types of commodities.

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Some companies are luring the youth into the business on pretext that they are training them in business. The targetted youth are then offered with homemade commodities like soap, toothpaste or perfumes to hawk around. One will see many of such youths moving from home to home to hawk. They do these unaware of the looming danger that stares them in the eye.

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  • The youth especially girls may find themselves in wrong houses where they may be taken advantage of. They may be robbed, raped or molested in those houses. Not all people in the village are good people. Some have evil minds.

  • The said companies may misuse the youth. They may demand sexual favors from them.

  • Mostly the youth are exploited. There are some who may be used to sell drugs. Others may be used to seek information from the community. They may use the information to rob or hurt the members of the community.

  • Some may be used in the robbery. They may spray the buyers with chemicals to confuse them.

  • The hawking may pose a problem to shops in the area.

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I would urge my fellow youth to be more careful. Why can't they join a company like steemit and make good money out of rewards.

It is this opportunity that am using to recruit youth into steemit. Am glad it will work.

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