PART ONE: 3 Powerful Gemstones that CAN Change Our Lives & Boost Our Brands/January 27, 2018, SATURDAY

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In the last Steemit for Ladies Worskhop I attended, I had the privilege to meet @angiechin28 the founder of HER Portal soon to be WonderWomen.Asia. The first thing she said when she saw me was,

“Wow so many gemstones! So nice!”

“Yeah, I love gemstones, and I love wearing them.” I said.

“Oh you’re the BLING Boss! Hey, why don’t you write on Gemstones? How Gemstones Can Change Your Life! That can be the title for your first blog post on Steem!” she beamed with excitement, and her eyes glittered with a sparkling A-HA moment.

“Yeah!! That’s a great idea. I’ll do that!” I think my face also lit up with her suggestion.

“Now, remember to credit me and follow ok, @angiechin28!”

“Hahhahahaha!! Okay…” I burst out laughing and that’s howtoday’s post came to life.

So I went back, researched on the gemstones and suddenly as if guided by Divine intervention I saw the book that has been put away on the shelf for the past God knows how many months.

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The title is ‘HEALING CRYSTALS & GEMSTONES’ by Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer & Gisela Schreiber. It was a gift by a dear friend named Shaila who thought, it’s something I would find beneficial-being a Certified Reiki Master who loves reading and passionate about energy medicine and gemstones. I also use my knowledge on energy for my branding consultancy heavily.

Okay, I said in my heart, this means I really need to write this.

This morning I was thinking of a suitable title and asking Allah (Our Creator) in my morning meditation to guide me since this article is going to be burnt forever in the block chain, what can I write that benefits others and remain a legacy for me till the Hereafter?

Then this thought appears in my head.

What does The Quran says about Gemstones? What’s the value of gemstones according to Allah?

Yeah, exactly in fact, “Which gemstones mentioned in Quran?”

So I began to read up. The book gifted by my friend Shaila, and The Quran.

According to the HEALING CRYSTALS & GEMSTONES book, I can basically summarize the 3 factors why Gemstones can have influence in our lives:

  1. They have mineral contents with amazing health values

  2. They possess different colors with different vibrations that emit positive energy to heal different issues in our lives and different parts in our bodies

  3. They emit different frequencies of light that have direct, amazing influence on the
    body biochemical processes

This combination makes gemstones a powerful tool for us to use in navigating life’s challenges.

The thing is, gemstones have long been significant in many other religious scriptures or beliefs too. Temples and places of worship of all religions are adorned with stones. We have Moonstones in India, Turquoise in Persia (Iran), Crystal in Japan, Malachite and Azurite in Egypt, Jade in China,Agates in Rome, while wherever Christianity marks its presence in Europe, there’s Amethyst. For Islam, there’s the Black Stone of Al-Kaabah (the House of Allah on Earth) in Makkah.

So, back to the gemstones mentioned in the Quran, there are actually 3 specific ones being stated.

I was pretty amazed that the ones stated truly have significant benefits with values beyond what you see physically. In the Quran,Allah mentions about:

RUBIES(mentioned 1 time)

“(In beauty) they are like rubies and coral”

*[al-Rahmaan 55:58] *

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CORALS (mentioned 2 times)

“Out of them both (the two seas) come out pearl and coral”

*[al-Rahmaan 55:22] *

(photo credit:

PEARLS(mentioned 3 times)

“Like unto preserved pearls”

*[al-Waaqi’ah 56:23] *

“And round about them will (serve) boys of everlasting youth. If you seethem, you would think them scattered pearls”

[al-Insaan 76:19]

(photo credit: Google)

Rubies are mined in the high mountains and Corals at the bed of the deep oceans while Pearls are shielded inside the Oysters. Two from nature while one formed inside a living creature.

In the Quran, Allah likens the beauty of women in heaven like Rubies and Corals. These two stones generally come in red-a color often associated with desires, life force, vitality and the root chakra or the energy point right below our navel vibrating the red frequencies. Although Corals do come in other colors, red would be the dominant one.

While the young servant boys of the Heaven are like scattered pearls. Pearls by nature are always gleaming. Regardless of their colors, the common one would be white or cream. It represents purity and innocence although they come in other variations like the black pearl etc.

In al-Rahman, Allah speaks about balance, and reminds us that we must not transgress and how *He created the two seas and between them is a barrier and neither of them transgress. *

Well, what do you know, Pearl balances all the 7 chakras or energy points in our bodies.


From the verses, their colors and where they come we’re given clues how these gemstones are beneficial for beauty, youthfulness, joy and vitality. In fact, Allah states everlasting youth and preservation in association with Pearls, beauty in association with Rubies and Corals.

Now, you may wonder,

“Wait! How do Gemstones link to BRANDING?”

Well, I wasn’t called The BLING Boss for nothing. I believe each one of us possesses our own unique brilliance that needs to be unearthed,extracted, expressed and exuded just like these gemstones.

Brand is the soul and branding to me is the act of raising the vibrational energy of yourself, your business, your product or your service so you can make your difference and amplify your message/impact using multiple tools essentially in the forms of visuals, verbal and experiences that evoke emotions.

So wearing gemstones would boost your brand in many ways as they can become a powerful visual identity, raise your personal vibration to attract the right clients or people into your life, represent your brand in the forms of icons, logos, color etc.,as inspirations for your brand development, but most of all create that positive emotion you want to evoke in others.

So let’s see how these 3 Gemstones work (to be continued in PART 2).


wow! an impressive article... I can feel the stone vibes and the energy you transferred in your writing

Tq Pn. @alimatunrosli. I'm sure you can feel it heheh

Wow! Never thought of gemstone in this way... for me its just a stone but a nice stone with colours. Never took an effort to learn why it fascinated lots of people and today i learn something new. Thank you so much for an enlightening article. Looking forward to read the 2nd article on this. Again. Thank you.

How interesting ... Thanks for sharing

Yeay! finally someone is writing about gemstones! Voted this post :)

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