【Try Not Laugh】Funniest confusing logos XD

in business •  10 months ago

Company logos are crucial elements for their branding. Large companies do spend a lot of money to come up with the best of best ones. But what if they went wrong? Here are some of the funniest and craziest company logo manipulations. Try go through it without LOL.













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Haha, I know all of the. Still cracks me up :D


Hey rkrijgsman that's awesome :P I followed you :) Thanks for the comment.

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Interesting, and good for a smile. I particularly like the Facebook logo.


majes.tytyty, thank you for the comment! I'll come up with more of interesting posts :P Ehehehe

Nice post!

I have to ask. Is this the same katsou from Bitsler?


Hi bwells, yes I am :)


WOW. The legend!

I would love to get there as well but I lost a lot of coin on BTC-E so I feel bad about blowing coin now.

great creation i like it.and it's best


jonnysumo, thanks for the comment :) I'm following you now, I'll come up with more of funny post, so stay tunned :D


thank you my friends vote my post in steemit


will do :)

funny logo.i like it.every men busy in facebook like that


Thanks for the comment reyajahmedrazu! Upvoted and followed you :) Wait me for more of funny posts.

Nice post please visit my posts


Thanks for the comment kpd-244 :D I will visit your post in a sec :)

I love the Weight , I`m gainin it :))