The Iconic DeLorean Is Resurrected In Texas

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

I was reading an article about a Texas company that is ready to start selling the famous DeLorean cars and thought it was so interesting that I wanted to share the story.

The story is great because it's about a regular working guy, a mechanic, who started his own repair shop and ended up being the owner of DeLorean!

In case you aren't familiar with the car, here's what the stainless steel beauties look like:


The car was made in 1981 and made famous when the Hollywood movie Back To The Future came out in 1985. Remember that one starring Micheal J. Fox?


They made four of those movies at last count, maybe more. lol. But anyway it made the DeLorean more famous as the movie franchise grew.


Ok, so now you know how it became a cultural pop icon. There were actually very few of them sold. Only about 9,000 cars worldwide.

They were manufactured in a factory in Belfast, Ireland. In fact I think sir @blanchy has one in his garage. It's how he gets to so many places so fast and no one knows how! The guy is everywhere. lol.

They were only in production for one year and then the company's founder, John DeLorean, ran into legal problems and had to declare bankruptcy. So you had all these movies being made at a time when millions of these cars could have been sold but instead no one could find one. (except @blanchy)

A DeLorean specialist in the making

Back in the 70's there was a young mechanic in Liverpool, England by the name of Stephen Wynne. He started working on cars that had the same engines that the DeLoreans would later have.

He moved to the United States in 1980 and when the DeLoreans came out he started working on them in his shop because no one else knew about the engines.

Well, he became a specialist in repair and restoration of the DeLorean and built a successful business doing that. He also ordered parts all the time from the supplier in Belfast who still had a warehouse full.

A huge gamble

Finally in the 90's he decided to purchase the entire defunct DeLorean brand and all the parts. They had everything. Engines, the gull-wing doors, everything. Enough to make 30,000 brand new cars! This was a bold move on his part and many people thought he was crazy.

Here's the visionary owner Stephen Wynne:


He set his business up in a combination repair shop and warehouse in Humble, Texas which is a suburb of Houston. It took 85 semi trailer loads to bring all the parts to his shop. And also a few years to set up the legal stuff but he's now ready to start producing the new cars with his 100 employees.

The car will be made with all original parts except the electrical system will have modern wiring which is more reliable. The engines are not compliant for today's strict pollution controls but in 2015 Congress passed a law that gives classic car and small volume replica car makers permission to do so without modern regulations.

Here's brand new DeLoreans lined up in the parking lot in the Humble facility:


I know that sounds bad but they only plan to make 100 cars per year so that's not going to affect anything. They sold for $26,000 back in 1981 and now the price will be over $100,000. So far they haven't officially started selling them but they were supposed to start in January of this year.

When they announced the availability of these cars they immediately had a waiting list of 5,000 people! I think I'll get me on that list. I always wanted a stainless steel car, how about you guys? Is it worth a hundred grand?


Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!

the gentleman redneck


PS- ya might just be a redneck if:

You can eat a whole bag of black licorice and your teeth don't look
any different!



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"...a stainless steel car..."

It's a dilemma. Cost and weight vs. durability and strength. I think I come down on the pro-stainless end of things, though.

$100k isn't excessive for what's essentially a bespoke, handmade car built on a highly functional and desirable engineered platform, and made of stainless. Honestly a bargain, considering inflation since the 80s.

Howdy sir valued-customer! That's a very good point. Who knows how much it would cost today to build a stainless steel car. It will be interesting to watch. Thank you sir.

This car is a truly iconic machine. Great story.

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Howdy there anaerwu! Thank you so much and the hero of the story is a Brit!
I hope he succeeds wildly too!

That is very interesting. I wonder how many of the 5000 people on the waiting list know the car cost $100,000. Personally I think there is value here but $100,000 is too much imo. I suspect the price will drastically decline.

On the plus side if you own an original one of these from 1981 then its value might of just went up.

Howdy there rentmoney! oh yeah that's too much money and it will have to come down in price I would think. Although I heard that Hollywood is making another movie this year featuring it and two documentaries are coming out about the company and car so that may help the car sales alot!

A new Back To The Future movie or something new ?

Thanks for the info.

Howdy again rentmoney! oh I made a mistake about the movie, the car was featured in Ready Player One which came out last year but I didn't see it. But there are supposed to be a couple of documentaries coming out about the car and company. But people are crazy so maybe the car just being hard to find and in limited numbers and with the iconic image will be enough for them to get those kinds of prices!
Think how much Steem that would buy!

I love such stories! They are like lights in our life... Thank you! Cars on the last pic look so cool that ... no, I haven't enough money but what a pity! ))

Howdy zirochka! yes I thought this was very inspirational for this man to be able to go from humble beginnings to owning his own business and now to owning a major car brand! Thank you so much for the kind words!

Howdy Janton! So how do you get from admiring Amish one day and cars that polluting the hell out of the Earth another, lol. In my opinion, they should made them electric. If somebody is willing to pay so much money than why not to make them ECO friendly. Honestly I hate shit like this!!! Pardon my expression, but things like this really make me upset. No offence to you, I still like you, but I have to be honest!

Howdy Miss Lena! well the effect of a few cars will be zero so that's nothing but I understand that you don't like the principle of it.
so to answer your question, I like a wide variety of topics and this guy's story is very inspirational.

They did want to turn it into an electric car but with all the major car makers doing that they knew they wouldn't be able to compete. But don't worry, pretty soon most cars will be electric and not too long after that ALL cars will be electric and there will be zero pollution from cars.

I am glad you understand my point, the principle. Most of all I hate vanity especially if it has a negative impact whether it is in a small form or large. In my opinion, this guy is wasting his talent for a wrong purpose.

I understand you like writing about different topics, however, you must admit you have contradict yourself there. Not for writing about it, but for your opinion about it. Nevertheless, no hard feelings, I am just expressing my opinion and yes, lets hope, the electric cars will replace the regular cars soon.

Howdy Miss Lena! no I don't admit that I've condradicted myself because I don't think I have. I stil stand for the same thing as I always have. But I love your passion for your causes and we need more people like you in the world to make it a better place!

Okay Janton, lets agree to disagree, lol. And thank you for seeing me in such a light, although it is not my cause; It is our cause. We are in this together 😊

Well said, it truly is OUR cause, the worlds..and isn't there huge strides in improvement being made every year in many areas like air pollution? The oceans are an alarming mess though but at least people are working on that.

Very small improvements and that is what worries me! Nevertheless, I know I am not able to do major change myself, but at least I know that after I die, I go with clear conscious. And God knows too that I am doing my best I can. Everything else is in his/hers hands.

yes Ma'am that is the best attitude and philosophy to have. I think more and more people are realizing the problems we've created for the earth and I think we will see great improvements.

Hi Cowboy. Black Licorice Yum!
I’ll have a couple of those cars...Does he take cheques? 😂

haha! howdy redheadpei! Hey if you can write that kind of check I'm sure he'll take it! lol. You can be pretty sure no one in your neck of the woods will have a car like yours.

Hi janton, some people have the vision, drive and intuition with business decisions that pay off. Good on Stephen Wynne. I am not sure if I like the style, looks hard to get in and out with a dress and heels, lol.

haha! howdy angiemitchell! yes it would not be very practical for alot of us that's for sure. Did you guys see those silly Back To The Future movies?

I am thinking a Stainless Steel Kenworth W900....?

Would be a nice replacement for the truck I owned that a Drunk Driver took from us.

We miss this Truck Every day. We had it nearly 10 yrs.

Posted using Partiko Android

wow! What a beauty! what's the story behind that loss? Hey where are you krazzytrukker and what is your situation tonight?

It is a Secret...... lol

I am about an hour west up i26 from Charleston SC. Near where i95 & i26 cross paths.

Chapter xx The big wreck, coming soon...... "The Big Wreck"..... no that is not gonna be the chapter title. But the Big one was on Aug 28th, 2016 around 3 pm on a sunday afternoon. Not the time of day you would expect to be "taken out" by a drunk.

I made it nearly 25 yrs, well over 2 million miles, it was life changing, a very hard collision, life changing, the sound and impact forever burned into my memory. Poor Jessi, it was "Little Ones" first month out in the Truck. She was just a kitten. So glad the kits did not get hurt.

It will all be in the on going Sammi Jo rescue story. Her kitty life has been one rescue after another.

But here is a photo of what the drunk did to our "retirement truck". It was paid for free and clear. We loved that truck.

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oh man! ouch! Thank God you were all ok though! the insurance didn't pay for a new truck?

I was Under insured, at 25k. Took nearly 3 months to get it, so after i payed late bills, i had 15k to put down on this truck..... pretty shitty deal. and the drunk did not have a pot 2 piss in, so a lawsuit would have been a waste of time.

Posted using Partiko Android

oh man! I hate that. What was the other truck worth? I'm afraid to ask but I'm very curious. You called it your retirement truck because it would have lasted that long?

I loved that Truck. I new every inch of it. I had 80k of money into repairs and up keep in 10 yrs. Payed 35k for it.

I would have rebuilt it over and over to keep it. It was a 1999 heritage edition. 75 yr KW Anniversary truck.

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Oh man..that sucks. that's a heck of a blow. What a beautiful rig, now I see why you called it your retirement truck.

Hey @janton:

I think I heard that someone was going to be selling more DeLoreans. Interestingly enough, there's also a film coming out in April about John DeLorean that looks fascinating.

Oh, and I guess there's a parody video going around about a Back to the Future Part IV, but to date, there's only three. :)

oh ok howdy sir Glen! sorry I should have looked that up about how many films there were. Yes I read that Hollywood is coming out with a movie this year which will feature it and that there are two documentaries coming out that will bring more attention to the car. Pretty amazing. I think it still looks good as far as the sides and rear but the front is way to chunky looking and 70's looking. not aerodyamic in front. but if people want the original car look then it's fine.

hey I wanted to ask you about the steemit wallet, do you know anything about that and how it should be used?

Hey, @janton.

re: Steemit wallet

Not really. I just know they've been doing some kind of separating of the wallet from the social part of Steemit, but I haven't seen any real difference, and I'm not totally sure it's even available yet. Other than providing better stability and security, I'm not sure just what else it's supposed to do that's any different than the existing wallet.

My guess is someone in your vast comment network will no more than I. :)

haha! sir Glen! you're the most knowledgeable person in my network! lol. I just had heard about it and didn't know anything, as usual. lol.
Hey I pulled out of the league for awhile. I need to get alot of work done around the house and on the property and I just have to step away completely or else I wouldn't be able to stay away and Mrs. J is not happy at all with the time I spend on steemit so I had to make a change. It might only be for a month or so. Melinda is doing the same thing, she has other things she wants to concentrate on for awhile.

So, that's happening effective now? Sorry to hear that. Also sorry to hear about Mrs. J's feelings about your time on Steemit. I know exactly how that is. I'm not sure how long I can continue to do what I'm doing myself. I understand the need to get the work done, though. With you and Melinda gone (if you don't end up making up time after you're chores are done for the day), will take two of the top contenders out of the way.

Not sure who I feel about that. An opportunity for someone else, I suppose, but the best of the best won't be in contention. One by one contenders have been falling out anyway, I guess. Bound to happen.

re: most knowledeable

Well, then we're all in trouble. :) I was thinking someone like smithlabs or tcpolymath would have a better grasp on that, even if they did have to read up on it because they missed the posts.

Howdy today sir Glen! well this is probably temporary as far as cutting my time back but who knows? lol. I don't have alot to show for my time here except the account is finally starting to build up, but she wants me to be earning "real money" that we can be paying bills with etc, I know you're in the same spot.

But yeah to stay in the top of the League is a big time committment as you know and I think that's why people drop off. If the price of steem takes off it will be easier to justify though. can you make that hapen? lol.

That's a good suggestion about tcpolymath and smithlabs. Smithlabs doesn't have much time these days and what time he has he's building his weku account up for the big IPO. He says I'm missing out big time.

We have two people who are super competitive and who both want to win and that's d swigle and jj. I haven't checked today but jj was killin it in comments Sunday and Monday, he had more than I did so I figured coming in second place last week inspired him. d swigle says she's in it to win it so we'll see what happens this week. Then we have the great Glenalbrethsen who could jump in anytime and take it all. lol.

I'm still going to be active enough that I'd be in the top few but I'm just not going to be thinking about it or trying to keep up the PS number which was always hard for me to do.

I haven't seen tcpolymath for awhile but I don't go to his post, his comments always sound brilliant though!

So you are going to zip around town in that new toy? Better ask what Mrs J thinks first. lol

haha! I like the stainless steel but I really need a pickup so I guess this is out. You could tool around the city in style though sir Vincent!

Cool investment idea! 100,000 today may be much more in 20 years. I would rather buy bitcoin

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haha! but sir badger, you can't drive bitcoin around and impress your neighors! lol. I agree though!

I like the story. If you really want something, get it or better yet make it :D

That's a lot of money. Maybe you should buy one and go back to when steemit price is so high haha!

haha! howdy sir leeart! I agree that the price of the car is alot of money, I think it is way overpriced but then maybe not, I think people are kind of crazy when it comes to things like this!

The DeLorean brand sure is a cool looking machine. But $100,000?????? I don't think so! I admire many cars but not enough to invest that much money in one . If I had a surplus of money I'd rather spend it on a house. You don't live in a live in a house.

Another great post @janton

haha! I know, it's crazy but people are crazy so we'll see if they can actually sell them for that much. I have my doubts. Thanks for reading and commenting and for the kind words!

Yeah......the crazy people make us normal people look boring don't they? 😁 It's always a pleasure to show support for your great posts.

haha! Howdy Trudee! Yes Ma'am the most successful people are usually eccentric. But brilliant in some way. I guess it's a good lesson to be ourselves.

Very true...….and it's a lot easier being ourselves.

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Howdy there esteemapp! thank you so much for the upvote and for the incredible platform!

Too funny--my boyfriend had on the second Back to the Future the other day. It was on one of the movie channels. Pretty crazy that the car is such an icon now after having such an initial short production run. Shows you what Hollywood can do for you. I think I would have to agree with @lenasveganliving--I think they missed the mark on not making it an electric car. The look totally works and it would have been in perfect keeping with the futuristic theme! Especially for a $100K price tag.

Howdy plantstoplanks! Hollywood is coming out with another movie this year which features it again plus there are two documentaries coming out about the company so DeLorean can still get a boost in awareness about the car. lol. They did think about going electric but they knew they couldn't compete with the major manufacturers. But I agree, that would have been idea. Perhaps in the future.
I think the price tag is ridiculous and will come down but who knows? people are nuts! lol.

I'm sure my boyfriend will be interested to watch the documentaries. :) I definitely can't ever imagine spending that much on a car, but obviously people do or they wouldn't keep making them! I'm happy with my little compact that gets me where I need to go. This gal doesn't need anything fancy!

howdy again plantsoplanks! Oh that must be music to your boyfriend's ears! lol. No I agree. I can't imagine wasting a bloody fortune on a car, especially such an impractical one. If I had to spend that much money at least make it a big pickup! lol.

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Howdy there steemitboard! Thank you for the new badge and for keeping track of all these stats for us, it's awesome!

That's an amazing story! I hope the guy makes a big success out of the business! Very cool post!

Howdy back sir Keith! I thought it was very inspirational that this regular mechanic worked his way to owning a major brand like that and the premier repair and restoration business too. And thanks for the resteem!

The guy made a bold move buying up 85 truck-loads of parts. I hope they're planning to change the propulsion to what they had in the third movie. Remember the fusion-powered engine which ran on trash? I think there's a scene where they toss in a banana peel for fuel ;-)

haha! howdy sir Keith! sorry I don't think I saw the third one but it sounds like an awesome deal! He wanted to make it electric but knew he didn't have the billions to compete with the major car makers.
But yes, this was a huge gamble and I hope they start making them this year.

Oh, you have to watch this...

Haha! oh that's such a great silly show, you're right, that would be great!

I will have to tell my stepson about this he loves the Delorean cars, and i do to tfor that matter, nit sure i would want one but would love to see them on the road here and there,
There is one here that come sot one of the classic car meetups, and it always get a good audience and interest

howdy JJ! Oh that's interesting...hey he should get on the list! I'm sure the price will go down, I think that's way too high but maybe I'm wrong. Limited supply, famous car, people with money..who knows?

Yes with these you never know but one if these would he way out of his budget for a few years l

oh that's no problem, just buy him one! lol.

LOl I don't think one is in my budget either lOL, but its a good thing dreams are free

haha! very well said sir!

Dreams are all I can afford at the moment lOL

I'll take one, as long as it goes from 0-88mph in about -20 years!

haha! very clever sir fotosdenada! What do you think of the price? Do you think they can sell them for that much?

I suppose it'll depend on how many wealthy people want a "Back to the Future" ride. It's out of the price range of most of us, but I'm sure they'll find some people willing to pay that much, especially with all original parts.

Personally, I'd like to see him get a full-on design team and start producing some modern vehicles with the DeLorean aesthetic. A DeLorean SUV could be pretty amazing.

All in stainless steel? I wonder if that would be a great deal more expensive? I like your idea though! Get a more practical vehicle.

All stainless steel pickup would probably be a good seller, if the price was right. It would, of course, have to have those amazing doors!

Now THAT'S a great thought, have a pickup with gull wing doors! why not?

You're the doc, Doc!

haha! howdy sir manoldonchev and thank you!

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Howdy steem-ua! thanks so much for the upvote and for helping so many people.

Time to cash in a little of your extra steem, and buy a couple, ROFLOL!


haha! extra steem! I hope in a couple years I have tons of extra steem. Now if they made a pickup I might be interested!

Easy money, Plenty of steem dollars; ROFLOL! Several DeLoreans Plus a truck!


sir smithlabs! you been gone all day? I know you were at church and the Denver House right?

Yes, yes....

Fed 50+ today.

You have not been commenting much, Bad dog....


haha! yes I've been commenting alot, why do you ask and what do you care?

Sure you did, LOL! I am supposed to believe that?

Who said I care? :)


just go to my account sir smithlabs but that would take effort I know. ok you don't care that's good, then why do you ask? I think you're getting a bad attitude. Just remember the bigger they are the bigger they fall. all you gotta do is get em off balance. lol. some smithlabs guy told me that!

although I am indifferent to cars, it was very interesting for me to read your post! Of course, I remember these films (who could not see them at that time !!!!!) now I know where that legendary car came from. great !!!! very interesting, does this guy go with the machines?!

haha! yes I think everyone knows the car from the movies. And stainless steel is a very strong and easy to maintain metal to have a car made of, I want a stainless steel pickup truck. With those gull-wing doors!
You don't care what the car is like as long as it gets you there?

That is awesome they are being made again :-)

Posted using Partiko Android

Howdy j85063! yes they are, are you going to get on the waiting list for one?

Aha! You wanna travel back in time to meet the big mustaches criminals!!!

haha! by using the DeLorean? I don't think I saw all the movies but I think you're right, they did go back in time too didn't they? lol..good thinkin blacklux! yes you're right about wanting to do that.