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Before you start a business of any importance, try to study the situation thoroughly, weigh the pros and cons, and even, if necessary, seek advice until everything is clear to you. The blind trust of those who rush into action can only lead to failure. When we do not want to see anything about the reality around us, when we refuse to take into account all the elements of a situation, we can only fail. The determination is one thing, and stubbornness is another. So many companies failed despite the absolute trust people had! They lacked experience; they had not studied the different aspects of an issue well. They imagined that to succeed; it was enough to be animated with the best intentions and to be convinced, voluntary, Heaven would do the rest. No, that's not enough.
But once you've thought about it and you see it clearly, there's no longer time to dither: you have to avoid any hesitation, so that you can not only act properly but persevere whatever the difficulties.