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Hello everyone

From time to time I think we all need a helping push or a good solid boot up the ass. We become comfortable in the things we do and get stuck in a rut. How many times have we said "I should've done this or done that".

We only realize this when something happens. The world is full of opportunities around us but we rarely grab them. Why is this so? We are not looking to improve or change as we are just too comfortable in what we are currently doing. Only when a change is forced on us do we do something and the opportunity may not be available.

This has happened to me recently. There was an opportunity that I didn't follow through and only now doing. If i had someone kick me 3 years ago or even 1 year ago just maybe I would have done it. How many lives would be different if we grabbed our opportunities. I don't live with regret but have grown as a person and know my short comings.

I have thought about why we do not follow through with things and it could be down to confidence and self belief. This morning I have given myself a good kicking and will complete over the next week what I should have done 3 years ago.


I think we're all just lazy procrastinators by default. It takes very strong will to breal that

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