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RE: Multiple Streams of Income is Key to Financial Freedom

in #business3 years ago

This is such a simple concept, and has been taught by many financial professionals over the past several decades, but so many people fail to recognize its truth.

This is precisely what we are in the process of doing. We've got one major and three minor sources of income so far, and my goal is to enhance those three while adding more over time.

One thing for certain, we have no shortage of ideas !

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That's awesome! Yes, ideas seem to be aplenty for me as well...time and capital are the commodities ;-)

Ain't that the truth!

And, in my case, I'm 5'2" tall, so some of the things we need to do when my 6'3" husband is around, and he's on the road most of the time.

Frustrating, but fixable, and slowly but surely we're making progress.

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