Pitch night at Microsoft

in business •  2 months ago 

Pitch Night at Microsoft .


Well, tonight was NYC'S version of Shark Tank at Microsoft. Today there were 5 great presentation at the Microsoft offices in Time Square where a group of entrepreneurs came out to hear pitches from companies and to be critiqued by Venture capitalists that would help each individual look at their product from different perspectives. Also they asked questions that they may not of been aware of that investors may ask before becoming involved with a product. Great Q and A and good people. I definitely learned what VC's are looking for and what you need to have as a company looking for.




The reason I'm starting to go to these type of events are to expand my vision of what's possible and in what capacity. Innovation today is more in part recreating things that exist but, from a digital standpoint. Like they say "everything old is new again". But hey what better Hub than NYC, at Microsoft's offices to learn from others and give me as a blossoming business person some perspective and insight on what is expected to get to the next level.



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