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Hi all,

Last night I went into downtown LA and attended an event for the LA Area Chamber of Commerce. The organization attempts to promote local businesses, fosters collaboration among its members and helps businesses bring economic prosperity to the region. The members pay dues to the chamber, who then is one of the big champions looking out for business interest in the area – basically pooling resources and coordinating efforts.

The event itself was good – they gave out some business awards and celebrated new positions in the organization, the most prominent being a new CEO and a new Board Chair. Some dignitaries were there was well, including Magic Johnson (basketball player) and LA’s mayor, Eric Garcetti. It was a good evening of celebrating LA’s businesses, good food/wine, and networking. Here are a couple pics:



Good times. I appreciate you coming by today, and I hope all my friends here have a great weekend!


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through the photos it is seen that it was a great event, happy weekend.

Have a great time sir. Very beautiful city. Thanks again for sharing your best moments with us.

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Hello friend, it is always a pleasure to hear from you and read your post

What a good opportunity they offer for the growth of all, I hope you have enjoyed!