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Hey Steemit friends -- Today I want to talk about one type of content that I don't see companies use enough and I think it hurts them. I'm talking about customer polls.

Businesses are entering the big data era, when facts and figures are becoming essential to every decision professionals make.

Each marketing campaign and new product launch are carefully measured to determine what worked and what didn’t. Customer buying behavior information will more and more be monitored on websites and in store. That information will influence everything from what color background to use on a page to where products are placed in a retail location.

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Some of the biggest companies are already using data analytics, which puts smaller businesses at a disadvantage. While entrepreneurs have access to tools like Google Analytics, those tools are limited in the data they can collect.

One tool businesses can use today with minimal effort and cost are customer polls. These polls let customers weigh in on everything from new products to current customer service levels.

When implemented correctly, a customer poll can provide unprecedented insight into a business’s customer base.

Use the right platform.

Social media has made it easier than ever to deploy polls on a quick turnaround. Instead of having 1,000 copies of a survey printed and handing them out to customers, a business can post a poll and get feedback almost immediately.

Customers will sometimes even put their own thoughts in the comments section below the poll, putting a face to some of the thoughts a business’s customers have on an issue or idea.

Before creating a poll, a business should first determine where it will go. Many businesses have multiple social media accounts, as well as a website and blog.

If the poll is to be posted on a blog, will customers find it? It may be necessary to promote it with a link across multiple sites.

For many of us here on Steemit, this site is the perfect place to conduct a poll, even better than Facebook or Twitter. This may become more and more popular as more companies start to use the Steemit platform.

Use the Right Tools

Once you choose a platform, you’ll need a tool that gives you the flexibility and reports you need. Some companies like the flexibility of Google Forms, but the service isn’t as intuitive for less technical users.

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The results of Google Forms surveys are provided in a spreadsheet, which can then be reviewed.

SurveyMonkey is free online survey creation tool that can even provide willing participants for surveys. There are more than 15 question types, as well as the ability to send surveys to social media sites, mobile devices, and websites. The surveys also integrate with popular software like MailChimp and Eventbrite.

Put the Results to Use

A business’s data is nothing unless that business finds a way to incorporate it into its operational activities. Once information has been gathered on customer preferences, that data can be compiled into a report to present to the organization’s stakeholders.

A professional may even choose to keep the results internal, but some businesses post the results online to show consumers and business partners what their customers are thinking.

Another way to put this new information to use is to use it for a whitepaper. If enough customers participate, the data can show interesting trends in an industry, helping other businesses and customers see the benefits of an organization’s services.

Instead of deploying a public survey and asking customers to participate, a business can also create a comprehensive study for use only by a specific customer, with the information used to create an in-depth case study of that customer’s experience with that organization.

Polls are a helpful way for a business to learn more about both current and potential customers. By creating interesting polls and putting them on the right platforms, a business can get the data it needs without spending a fortune on customized data analytics solutions.

Thanks again all for the support! If you would like to check out any of my previous work, go to my website or my Steemit blog.
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Great post @boity. Survey Monkey is one of my all time favourite tools. I'd highly recommend it to any one.