14 Ways to Build Authority

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Authority content generally falls into three categories:

  • Textual
  • Visual
  • Auditory
You read it, you see it, you hear it.

Ranging from articles to social media, the purpose is to position you as a recognized expert in your subject matter. Whether you are a service professional, lawyer or accountant, an entrepreneur, or an executive, you have a unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience that makes you an authority on some topic. The idea with authority content is to present you as that authority so that others can see it and know your professional value to them.

I've identified 14 types of authority content, and you are likely familiar with some of them. Today, I want to share a slideshow I put together showcasing the types of authority content you can use in your business to prove your authority. If you want more information on these, click the above link and download my short e-booklet that goes into more detail on each type of content. In that booklet, I share how you can use these content types more effectively in your #marketing plan. Otherwise, consider this slideshow a mere primer. If you get a hankering, share it with your network.

First published at Taylored Content.


We are really the ones who see, read and listen and if we identify with those elements we will be attracted by the content.

They are very good marketing strategies. @blockurator

Thanks @soyunasantacruz. You are right, if the reader or listener identifies with the content, then they'll consume more of it and be influenced by it.

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