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BBT Carter facilitates the world in a SCRUM style stand-up covering a multitude of software, hardware, tools, tips and troubleshooting around the cryptocurrency mining.

Project: Mining DB
Epics: Hardware, Software, Tools, Configuration and Troubleshooting

What epic should we focus on first over next two weeks refining?

1:30 - 42:00 : SCRUM Session on BBT Project on Mining DB
42:05 - 52:40: Discussion on ICOs and WTF on Development
53:00 - 57:00: Question on using Server PSU vs. standard PSU
57:05 - 58:40: Random Questions
58:50 - 1:06:00: Bitcoin Cash Discussion
1:06:05 - end : Final word

These categories of information will get broken down into their larger story/component level then ultimately into open task for us to complete as a group. While this will take a while to update/create this is a starting point to build one of the most comprehensive mining databases in the world to be placed on This iterative approach leverages one of the best methodologies in software development of Agile. Practicing this activity in front of the world helps refine folks understanding on how versatile the methodology is.

BBT - Test Rig
Thermaltake Core P3 SE Snow Edition -
Thermaltake RGB 750w 80+ Gold PSU -
MSI Gaming Z270 Carbon Gaming Pro -
Intel i3 7350k -
Crucial Ballistix Elite 8GB -
Sandisk SSD 120GB -
16x by 16x Flexible Riser 30cm -
Zotac GTX 1070 Ti 8GB AMP Extreme Edition -

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Great Video :) I think cloud mining is the best

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