Which do you prefer: being n paid employ or owning your own business?

in business •  4 months ago

I'm very on the fence on this to be honest..

popular culture now celebrates running one's own business and be anentrepreneur what with the rise of Silicon Valley culture and celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk and the likes.

But is running a business really for everyone? a few years ago forex was all the shizz and before that it was investment (real estate, stocks ..etc)
In fact In the 80s through the 90s, professionals were celebrated as much as entrepreneurs today. Those who dont work in big companies are seen as underachievers and leftovers and useless to the society, no one cared about the business they tried to run.

running own's business entails caring about EVERY aspect of the company, and when there is a problem in which no one you hired is in charge of solving, it comes down to you.. regardless if you even don't know anything about how to solve the issue.

that's scary to me IMO. to know that there is no one to look to when shit hits the fan, everything is your fault. And it's your name on the line when the business falls and you caused the unemployment of all the people you hired.

Maybe in the future I can develop my passion and my side gigs into something that looks like a business organically.. But to set out and purposely start a business from scratch? I dont think that's for me.

And then again, being an employee to the wrong company SUCKS BALLS. I've had my fair share of being screwed over and left in the sun. To this day one of my past employers still own me nearly $600 in back pay. Yes, that's in dollars.

My ex-bosses tried to cheat me off social security payment, tried to sue me, set me in as a scape goat, used my employment as a pawn in upper management politics, and a dozen other shady stuff that all become lessons to me.

So what's it gonna be?

Perhaps a middleground of the two. Perhaps freelancing while working on stuff that pays in the long term. I strongly believe that we as humans aren't meant to work 50 years of our lives and then "enjoy" retirement when our body is all mangled and useless.

Who's to say a content farmer in the middle of a bushland is less happy than a billionaire CTO whose whole life and everything about it belongs to the conglomerate that sees him only as another number in the statistics to achieve shareholder profit?

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I think there was a similar post. A great post.


this was my answer from the Musing.io platform. A question answer platform built on Steem. Go check it out!

It's stressful either way. I hated working for certain people so I left and am trying to build my own blog as a business. But the negative part of this is not knowing if you'll succeed and even if you do, whether it will remain stable or die off when something new comes.


yep, exactly.. stable paycheck for a job we potential hate or doing things our own way and pray to the gods we can live off it.

choices choices eh?

hey Ian. true words you said there.. For me I will always choose a life with freedom over anything. Don't like bosses and don't like being a boss.. That's why we are here aren't we? I hope one day steemit will allow me to be on my own. No backlashes no nothing.