VLOG#18: MARKETING TIPS PART 1 - The Two Most Important Aspects Of Being Successful With Your Marketing

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You can be the best person at something...but without marketing, no one will ever know you exist. 

I decided that I will now be providing you with Important Marketing Nuggets so that you can be more successful inside your business. This is information I have learned over the last 3 years and if you implement this info, you will see results. The information I will be sharing with you is through experience and also information I have learned from some of the most successful internet marketers on the planet! Hopefully, I can share marketing tips with you at least once per week (;

The Best Marketing Doesn't Feel Like Marketing -Tom Fishburne

Let me know what you think in the comments below & Show your girl some Love! ♥

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Hannah (Remember Who You Are)


Looking forward for the next nugget. Valuable perspective!

Thanks for the tips..im not in the marketing business but steemit is all about marketing. Emotional intelligence does play a huge part in a lot of roles within the business world. Great video @awarenessraiser

I appreciate you :)

Looking nice and sexy @awarenessraiser have a great evening <3
You made great points :)

Thank you sexy love! I miss you! @road2wisdom

Steemit for a Latin is like Heaven! hahaha you are crazy girls!

Your're one of the best marketers I know 😎💯

Best compliment ever received by 1 of the best marketers I know! (:u:)

Lot of gems in this one sis!! ReSteemed

Thank you broooo!

Thank you for sharing! I have tried infusionsoft and found it very difficult. I have no idea why the creators have made this software so complicated. Maybe in the future you can explain a bit about how to use it successfully.

I agree. There are soooo many people that get overwhelmed with InfusionSoft and then they give up. However, there is so many functionalities on Infusion that I def wouldn't give up on it. What were you trying to do with the system? :) <3

I love the info and your tattoos wow thank you
to have a funnel for marketing thats the way the pros do it, thanks.

Great stuff! Loved your neck tattoo! Greetings from Spain! :)

Thank youu and Greetings from Arizona! :)



Great folks at Infusionsoft, looking forward to reading your future posts :)

It's so true that you need to speak your target markets language. It's the key to unlocking the potential if a new client.

You nailed it :)

sweet tips!! ♥♥♥♥

Thanks girl!! :)

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Take em to school girl!

Great advice!! Thanks for the video!

You're welcome!! :)

Sales and marketing is something we all do everyday. We should become great at being able to capture people's attention. Love the added pictures with the video @awarenessraiser :D

I always appreciate your comments my friend :D

I didn't listen to this yet. Just wanted to stop by and show some love. I gotta run out. I will check this as soon as I get back.

Yeah Hannah target is as important in life as in marketing, Totally agree with your point of view about how to teach clients to know that. Even makes them know clearly what they are selling to the others.

By the way... A divorces lawyer and an infusion place... you mix impossible things, That's girl Power!

I am not in marketing but it makes sense to know first who is your target in that way you can prepare yourself better I think. Great tips I am curious about your next tips sorry for late comment I was very busy the last days keep it up sis and have a lovely day :)

Great tips and advise thanks for sharing


You're welcome and thank you for watching it :)

I wish I could attend that with you :D That's so awesome. I think having the knowledge of marketing in general is such a powerful tool. Not only of a product, or business model, but also just in life. Thanks for this awesome content my friend :)

Talk soon.