Webpage Evaluation: cast.org

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Evaluator's Name: David Lee Rickman II

Date of Evaluation: 11/27/2018

Web Site (URL): www.cast.org/index.html

Sponsoring Organization/Agency: Center for Applied Special Technology

Primary Focus of Web Site: (e.g. factual information, opinion, links to other sites):

Promoting their own materials related to the priciples of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Point of View Expressed:

The development of educational approaches to increase the learning oppertunities for all individuals.

Date of Development (Currency):

Copyright notice on cast.org website gives current 2018 year.

Contact Information Provided:

40 Harvard Mill Square Suite 3

Wakefield, MA 01880

e-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (781) 245-2212

Knowledge of Literature (References, Bibliography, Other Sources Cited):

Cast.org links to its own pages and materials.

Accuracy (Does Information appear accurate? Any Bias or One-Sided Viewpoints Noted?):

This is the first I've heard of UDL. The site is promoting its own educational reform movement so that is cast.org's bias.

Conclusions: Do You Feel This Site is a Valuable Resource? Justify Your Answer.

Cast.org has a statistical statement that 5% of middle school disabled students are proficient in writing. However, looking at cast.org's information I infer that the UDL principles are intended for all children.

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