Slovenian state Banks against transfer of Merkator assets

in business •  16 days ago

Two Slovenian state Banks, SID and Abanka, are against of transfer of Merkator assets to Forten group. In case of transfer, Banks shall have demands against Forten, that is a company in stable conditions, compared to Merkator, that is in debt. For the transfer to be approved, all fifty-five banks, that are creditors of Merkator group, have to sign approval of the deal.

If the approval is made, than next step is approval from Slovenian Competition Protection Agency, and issues with share holders, that have minor number of shares.

Sberbank, as the primary owner, as per number of shares, already announced that they will sell their shares in the first half of 2019, and selling will be possible from the April, 1.

Will be interesting how this will turnout, since there is a major influence on retail sector in Croatia and Slovenia, due to connection with Agrokor failure.

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