# REEBORN , The Head Of The Building Worker And The Worker.

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Hay, yeah, like always meet again in my new post. This time I will tell you a little about the work and the chief builder or in the Acehnese language Utoh Teungoh Meu Utoh.

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The three photos above are the shots of my own cellphone's camera. All the photos above were taken when the head of the craftsman and the kernet were working again and all of that was a non-engineering reality. I am interested in perpetuating it because their persistence at work is very real and very enthusiastic.

As we all know, the salary of a handyman a day ranged from Rp. 120,000 to 180,000, while for his daily salary it ranged from Rp. 60,000 to Rp. 90,000, all of which did not include coffee money twice a day and lunch money. Not bad, but if you examine it more deeply, it is very small to weigh the price of the need now is very expensive.

I really hope that the awareness of the government to regulate wages for construction workers is feasible and possible. Because their services are very much for this country, try to imagine what this country would be like without construction workers. Who will build luxury buildings owned by the government or private.

Now that's a piece of my explanation about coolies and the head of the builders, hopefully useful. And thank you very hull for those of you who have already stopped by and read my post.



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