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Missing Buses

Missing a bus is probably the most aggravating and most stressful thing that I can think of. What I realized is that when they're not on time by even just a minute, I feel deep anger and irritation welling up within me, as if the lateness of this bus were a personal insult.

I think it's a similar feeling to road rage.

It's bad enough when a bus is late, but it's unforgivable if that same bus is early. Early buses are the absolute worst. You set your life routine to the public transportation schedule, and it is the one thing that is outside of your control. This means that everything can be fine and you can be on time and have everything in order, but when you're walking towards the bus stop and you start to see it come towards you and you won't have enough time to reach it and it goes straight past you... well everything has just been ruined.

It must be worse for those with irregular services

I'm really lucky that my bus comes every 15 minutes from 5am to about 1030pm every day. I live on the busiest route and its usually always got the best buses. I also only live a minute or so away from the stop, which is actually more dangerous for time management.

I used to live further away from one at my previous house, and it took about 15 minutes to get there. I would often leave with a few minutes extra time for unpredictable events or slower walking speeds/traffic lights etc, but when you live one minute away, you think you can leave everything to the last second and then make it with seconds to spare. After all, waiting 30 seconds when your walk is one minute just added 50% of your commute time for nothing.

I suppose its a matter of scale. I should really leave more time for these things (like one extra minute lol), but even in spite of all that logic, I can't stand when the service is early and more often than not do I want to rant at the driver for being off-time. I don't, though, and I always take my seat quietly and let it subside for the 15 minutes I spend on board.

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