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( This Post is a copy of the one located at, however it contains all the information about the pool and would just be written here anyway :) )

Reward Assignment: BURST-6YBP-TDPA-27KD-9MQVX
Discord Server:

Pool Fees: 0.50%
Dev Fees (LexPool): 0.25%
Total Fees: 0.75%

Minimum Payout: 20 Burst
Confirms before Payout: 2
Cumulative Fund Reduction: 90%

Ant Lotto Purchase: 1 Ticket per 5 Blocks Won

Buffer: 3000 Burst
Balance above buffer is added to block reward

Most new miners get discouraged when they plot their very first TB, jump on a pool.. and they get very poor returns.

Reason for this is simply that low capacity miners wont find small DL's every block. In fact there are some times they do not find a DL at all during a round.

On large pools, this results in very low payouts because their share percent compared to larger miners is extremly low, and it may take time to reach the minimum payout.

On Smaller pools, this results in very low payouts because most pools use a 50% reduction: that is 50% of pool reward is paid on the found block, 25% on block before, 12.5% on one before that.. ect. This means after 20 blocks there is minuscule reward. And a small pool may take several hundred rounds before finding a block

BTFG Pool helps support our miners in several ways

Low Pool Fees. Under 1%!
Low Minimum Payout
Cumulative Fund Reduction 90%

So first two are self explanatory, but the third one basically means that only 10% of the block reward is paid out to the round it was found in, the rest trickles back to previous rounds, around 100 rounds back!

For small miners, this is important because those one or two good DLs they get every 50 rounds or so that just didn't win that block can end up still paying a reasonable amount. This also protects the pool from Pool hoppers: those who see the pool is close to popping and jump on with a large miner to gain a disproportionate amount of the reward. End result: The block finder gets less for finding the block, but gets more for the previous blocks he didnt win.

On top of this, a 3000 buffer is left in the BTFG Pool. Anything above this is added to the reward. This change however, requires us to need 2 confirms on the chain before it pays out, to protect against ghost blocks draining the account

Any questions, feel free to ask!

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Is there an email address for the Pools Admin? I have an issue I desire to go over with them and not put it in the Forums.