BURST mining on Mac for beginners

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It's a short instruction how to mine BURST coin cause it can be not so simple especially for guys who are quite far from coding. Let's go.

BURST is about HDD mining so at least you should have some free space on your drive. I'm using 3*8Tb HDD Drives and ORICO Station for them.

Creating wallet

It's better to create your own local wallet but the fastest and easiest way is to get it on special websites.
I'm using wallet http://wallet.fastpool.info/index.html
Unlike other wallets, it doesn't have any problems with DDOS or same shit yet

My wallet BURST-NHZM-4RT5-XACW-BCE59 and numeric account ID — 10632306122154459123, I'll use them as an example.

Getting 1 BURST

The next step is to get 1 BURST from a special faucet. We will use this coin later so don't touch now.

http://burstfaucets.com/ — faucets list

Generating plots

It's probably the most difficult part. You should create special command via terminal to run plot generating.

Download and install mjminer by k06a .

For this, open Terminal. Comfortable app for this is Term2.
Write this code, [Enter] after each stroke.

git clone https://github.com/k06a/mjminer.git
cd mjminer

Now is the hardest part. To start plotting you should add next code:

sudo ./plot -k KEY [-x CORE] [-d DIRECTORY] [-s STARTNONCE] [-n NONCES] [-m STAGGERSIZE] [-t THREADS]


  • Key — your "Numeric Account ID" from BURST wallet
  • Core — plots generation algorithm implementation. Your CPU may support or not some of them (0 for default, 1 for SSE4, 2 for AVX2). Try AVX2 if possible, else try SSE4 if possible, else use a default. AVX2 is the fastest, default is the slowest.
  • Directory — path to your plot location
  • Startnonce it's 0 + amount of NONCES your previous plots used if you have it. So, for the first plot it's 0
  • Nonces — value is bit less then 4096 for each 1GB. For example, for 8Tb it's ~30,500,000, less then 4096*1024*8=33,554,432)
  • Staggersize — RAM (in nonces) for plotting, also value 4096 means 1GB
  • Threads — number of threads to use. Use number of physical cores multiplied by two for i3 & i7 processors, for i5 it's equal.

My example for 2-core i3 pocessor with 16 Gb RAM (spend only 8 for plotting)

sudo ./plot -k 10632306122154459123 -x 1 -d /Volumes/HDD1 -s 0 -n 30500000 -m 32768 -t 4

When you run it, system will ask you administrative password

Have to admit that this process is really slow and can take several days. You can count an average plotting time by using this table

If you want to stop plotting — press Control+C, to continue use this:

sudo ./plot -k 10632306122154459123 -x 1 -d /Volumes/HDD1 -s 0 -n 30500000 -m 32768 -t 4 -r 123

Where -r 123 is the last plotting step.

Connecting to pool

It's more convenient to mine with pools — and get small amounts of coins more often instead of big counts rarely if to mine solo.
Nice DDOS-protected pool is https://fastpool.ru/ , really simple and clear pool. No tons of incomprehensible data.

First of all, open the wallet and go to http://wallet.fastpool.info/rewardassignment.html to set reward recipient:
Recipient is pool's wallet BURST-YMJP-8NNG-6HCJ-29XYJ
Password is your 12-words seed phrase

Now it's time for our 1 BURST from faucet step. In the wallet we will see that connection confirmed by this coin.

Let's start mining

Well, now we are close. Download jminer to Downloads folder. (Don't use other miner — creeminer, had great problems with it)

Open jminer.properties file with any text editor and edit it like it is written. Really detailed instructions inside.

My example


Open Terminal and run mining:

cd downloads/burstcoin-jminer-0.4.11-snapshot
sh run.sh

Wait 4 blocks until you'll see your wallet in the pool.

Now you can start plotting of other disks

sudo ./plot -k 10632306122154459123 -x 1 -d /Volumes/HDD2 -s 30500000 -n 30500000 -m 32768 -t 4
sudo ./plot -k 10632306122154459123 -x 1 -d /Volumes/HDD3 -s 61000000 -n 30500000 -m 32768 -t 4

That's all. Happy mining you guys

Big thanks to k06a for help with BURST mining.

If this article was helpful you can support me BURST-NHZM-4RT5-XACW-BCE59

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Really appreciate the article :) I've got it Bookmarked.

I hope that mining gets easier for Mac users. BTW, love the pic of your cat :D

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