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Mining other coins like XMR and BTC:
Use code for 3% off: (WSwDpG)

For Bitcoin Wallet:

Donate here:
1CgkYugDNd5eZzjKmgh6tLtgiQ2JYyY62h (Bitcoin)
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BURST-QL23-F2NC-W9C5-8WZMB (Burst-coin)

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Non other than ye b0i BitVR! We back on the Planet yes I I0ve it can you feel the l0ve! Thx y0u for that wonderful shot-out, I needed that I really did ;)
Shock to hear Craig speaking of Burst as well huh haha I was trippN out! I did not expect him to get on burst @least not this fast!

Nway, can we sell digital music in the Marketplace as well and would it be wise to do so in your opinion? I would love to sell a few tracks, especially like this! I never sold any of my music and I never wanted to up until now.

I appreciate your generosity and I will donate to you PRETTy soon! We can go back & forth with this ;) "0ne-W0rld- 0rder -Crypt0"


I was the one buggin' Craig about Burstcoin - He was one of the reassons I signned up on Steemit, so I kept saying in his comments - What about Burstcoin. %^)

As long as Craig is on-board it's fine ;) You were probably the first to tell but we all contributed in encouraging ;)

Just glad he's on board! @britvr was the first one I was watching about Burt. Then I started following and talking with the phone app developer.

Gave you an upvote & resteem! Hope you caught my message the other day! Check out my project @loosechange - I think you might find it interesting. ~Peace!

Before I check it out...what is it about?

I was writing about Burstcoin. Watch a couple of your videos perviously, and came up with a creative way to fund my project.

I'm the guy who sent you a "Donation". :)

What the project?

Been following you on steemit and youtube for awhile. Keep making your videos.

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