"Burning Man" Party-goers Dance right on Top of Particle accelerator!

Well here it is, have a look for yourself and if you've ever been to "Burning Man" have a look at what you didn't see while you were there as it was right underneath your feet and you had ZERO clue about it! This is what you didn't see hidden underneath your feet in this picture!Burning Man accelorator underground.JPG

Let me ask anyone if they'd go to this "Burning Man" Festival now especially knowing that your directly on top of a particle accelerator as Quinn Michaels believes this could be a possibility!
This date was provided by Strava.com, a company responsible for tracking "Fitbit's" worldwide with geosynchronous satellites providing "real time" data as well as much more.
Quinn Michaels Channel on YT is where you can see a lot more on this, I was just getting a quick post for my fellow #Steemians to get a look at and maybe give an upvote in the process!
Start at 3:40 in this YT video Quinn did and have a look for yourself before commenting back to me, be informed NOT a Troll!

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Quinn Michaels is a shill dude. Bullshit artist. Should be obvious by now seeing him on Jason Goodman's crowdspoof the truth show...