Automatic Curation Rewards Project of the Burning Bid-Bot

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Automatic curation rewards?

People who follow this steps will automatically upvote the posts that receive high bids from the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot, in that way those who follow the steps will earn more curation rewards because after they upvote the post the Burning Bid-Bot will upvote the post giving those who upvoted before higher curation rewards than with manual upvoting.
Having this feature has several advantages for everyone:

Benefits of Automatic Curation Rewards Project

  • Members of the project get higher curation rewards than with manual curation
  • Vote-buyers of the @lrd Bid-Bot get additional upvotes for their posts
  • Delegators increase their daily revenue because vote-buyers are willing to pay more because they get more upvotes
  • It provides the members of the project an opportunity not to waste their Voting Power (they can select how much VP they wanna keep for themselves)
  • What do you need to join the Automatic Curation Rewards Project?

    You only need to have a steem account.

    How to join the Automatic Curation Rewards Project

    1-Enter on Steem Auto

    2-Log In

    -Click on the Login button

    -Click on Continue

    -Introduce your steem username and your memo key or posting key
    -Click on Sign In

    3- Authorize Steem Auto

    -Click on Steem Connect
    -Click Continue
    -Enter your steem username and active key
    -Click Sign In

    4- Follow the Curation Trail

    -Click on Curation Trail
    -Write "curationproject" as in the photo
    -Click on Search
    -Click on Follow

    5- Customize the settings at your likings

    -Click on settings
    -Select the Voting Weight you want your account to upvote with, the higher the percentage the higher the amount of curation rewards you will get but you will also spend more Voting Power so it is up to you how much you wanna use.
    You can set it up from 1% to 100%.
    -Click Save Settings

    6- Select your VP threshold

    By selecting your VP threshold you'll ensure that your account doesn't upvote unless it has more than the VP selected.
    -Click on Dashboard
    -Click on "Click to edit" which is next to Limit on Voting Power
    -Place the percentage of VP you want to have at least
    -Click on Submit

    Congratulations, you are now an official member of the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot Automatic Curation Rewards Project, from now onwards when the Burning Bid-Bot receives a bid of 3 SBD or more your account will upvote the post before the bot votes giving you higher curation rewards than with manual curation.

    How to activate the Automatic Curation Rewards Project

    If you wanna buy a vote and activate the Automatic Curation Rewards Project to get some extra upvotes all you need to do is send a bid of 3 SBD or more to @lrd with your post in the memo.

    Advantages for vote-buyers

  • You will always get at least a positive ROI of +1% after curation
  • For bids of over 3 SBD you'll get extra upvotes from the Automatic Curation Rewards Project
  • Advantages for delegators

  • Delegators receive 100% earnings
  • Delegators receive 45% curation rewards
  • Delegators help to burn Steem because 5% of curation rewards are burnt
  • If you wanna delegate to @lrd click here

    Join us on Discord

    Thanks to @ederaleng for helping us in creating the Automatic Curation Rewards Project

    Happy burning time,

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    Have I ever mentioned how brilliant you are @lrd ?😒🙄
    Well you are BRILLIANT! And I'm to be in on everything around here!


    Go this is excellent @lrd, taking notes, I will be reviewing and studying to add me, thanks for sharing!

    Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends


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    That's great but if i want to join this group how much will it be my steem reputation. Last question How will i get profit this group. What do you need to send money?

    Thank you sir for your good post


    You can profit in three ways:
    -Send a bid of at least 0.1 SBD/STEEM to @lrd with your post in the memo
    -Delegate to @lrd for daily profits
    -Activate the steps described before to earn curation rewards automatically

    I have followed the curation trail at with heavy vote 50%

    You have recieved a free upvote from minnowpond, Send 0.1 -> 2 SBD with your post url as the memo to recieve an upvote from up to 100 accounts!

    I am all in burningbot, i am trying to get more sp to delegate high plus my current one.

    I am happy i have been able to follow the curationproject on steemauto. I am the 16th member.

    @lrd sir
    it's a really informative post. I like the system, I want to be a member on this group. what should i do?

    Smdh, 5% of curation rewards,,..???


    5% of curation rewards are sent to @null, meaning they are burnt which decreases the amount of Steem supply giving each coin slightly higher value.