Ultimate Homemade Steemit Burger - Featuring MEXICANA (Original HOT Cheese)!!!

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Today I made a delicious Steemit Burger especially for this Steemit post! It is full of juice, flavours, herbs, spices & MEXICANA fire power! I took many pictures for this post so you can make it too!

The ingredients which you will need is as follows:

  • Organic Minced Beef, 
  • 1 Tomato
  • 2 Onions
  • MEXICANA (Original HOT Cheese)
  • English Colmans Mustard
  • Salt, Pepper, Basil, Sage, Onion Salt, Garlic Powder, Oregano,  Cayenne Pepper, Marjoram, Paprika.
  • 2 Quarter Pounder Sesame Seeded Burger Buns
  • 2 Potato Waffles

Step 1

Place all the organic minced beef into a large bowl & chop up a whole onion into small pieces and then add this to the beef. 

Then add 1 tea spoon of the following to that bowl:

Basil, Sage, Onion Salt, Garlic Powder, Oregano,  Cayenne Pepper, Marjoram, Paprika.

Then 1 Table Spoon of Salt, Pepper,

Step 2:

Wash your hands & then using your hands mix all the mince up thoroughly so that all the onions and herbs & spices are mixed throughout.

Step 3:

Then wet your hands slightly and make 4 burger shaped burgers from the mix using your hands wetting your hands slightly to help. Then place them on a high heated grill and begin grilling.

Step 4: Just Preheat the oven to gas mark 9 for the burger buns later

Step 5: Cut 4 thick slices of the MEXICANA Original HOT Cheese on to a plate along with thinly slicing 1 tomato and 1 onion.

Step 6: Grab a small sauce bowl and add 2 large tea spoons of tomato ketchup & the mustard

Then mix it up evenly.

Step 7:

After 6 minutes turn the burgers over and continue cooking.

Then add 2 Potato waffles to the grill next to the burgers and keep cooking.

Step 8: Put the 2 Burger Buns in the preheated oven on Gas Mark 9

Step 9: Turn the Potato waffles over once the first side is slightly golden. Then with a knife check to see if the burger lets out any blood if it appears juicy then you know that it is cooked.

Step 10: Take the 2 burger buns out of the oven and make sure they are slightly golden. 

Then add the sauce to the crowns of the buns then with the Onions.

then add some tomatoes and 1 of the slices of the MEXICANA Cheese to each of the burger buns

Step 11: Then take the burgers from the grill and put the first burger on top of the crowns

Then place 1 potato waffle on each burger 

then place the 2nd burger on top of each potato waffle and ad the remaining slices of cheese on top of each burger.

Step 12: Then place each of the burger bun heel on top of each burger and then carefully grab hold of all the burger with both hands (Fingers on the crown bun and thumbs on the heels of the buns) and quickly turn it all upside down so that the heel of the bun is on the plate as t should be and press down slightly with the palm of your hands on the crown bun once you have done this then you can ad one cocktail stick through the crown of the bun into the burger.

This Homemade Steemit Burger was Par Excellence!

Bon Appétit! :)

I hope you enjoy making this Super Tasty Steemit Burger! 

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That looks like a pretty intense burger:)


Thank you it was! & a perfect choice of words :)

Looks So Good!
My Kind Of Food!
Adopt Me And Feed Me!
LOL!, Joking!
Thank You For
The Recipe And Pics!


Haha :) Thank you it's a pleasure!

Love this post. Keep these coming! STEEM ON!


Thank you!

Excellent post looks delicious.