[ UPDATE ] -- What went on last few days ? -- what will happen the coming days ?

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A Quick Update

It has been some days until i have given any update on the situation on bumper and the moving i am doing. So let's update you guys

I am now officially living on my new address. There are still a lot of things that needs to be done but i can call it home already

As asked by many a picture of how it currently looks.
So for those that are curious here you go ;)

I am still working on building the kitchen and doing a lot
of stuff in the front and back yard so ill share those pictures
once it finished. Maybe ill make a blog episode of this to show
the progress. We will see.

As you can see the floor still needs to be laid.
I ordered my wooden floor but i have to wait until the 25th
of April until it will be delivered, and on the 5th of next month
they come laying the floor for me.

So everything needs to go outside again so the hassle starts over again xD

But the floor and kitchen is one of the things that needs to be done.
I have to paint all window and door frames still and sooo many more XD

Okey enough of the new house situation only last thing is during the time i am working here i will be less online then usual. Keep that in mind when requesting help as it can take some time for me to react back.

Quickly about @Bumper

During the days i was packing in and moving i was not always able to connect to the server PC to make the daily blog report. I have some moderated access at this right moment as my PC is now set up (BUT) running of my cellphones internet hot-spot.
i have 1024 Gigs internet per month so why not right ;)

I am going to start updating the daily blogs again but from this moment on.

Also currently we have temporarily closed the pre-order list as we have received more upvote requests then we can handle in 5 days time. It may be that you receive a refund from us if our system was not able to vote on your blog in time.

A New System !!

Once i have some more time i will start working on a new system for the bumper pre-order. This new system will automatically close and refund once a certain amount request are in the database. It then will also automatically open up again once the threshold is below the maximum amount of requests. On top of this @Bumper will get new commands you can use in the comments on Steemit. For example (@bumper status) that will then provide you with the amount of requests we have received and if there is room left for you to join in. This is NOT working yet but will be in the near future.

On top of that i will also resume my work on the 2 brand new games on Steemit that will be provided via the account @balloondefense. Follow Balloon Defense account if you want to stay up to date on the development of these games.

Some Last Words

As you can imagine my time at this right moment is very limited.
I will make sure that bumper keeps running but the extra things like the development of the new games will only be worked on once i find some time in between all the renovation work. The bumper lottery will start also again but only once my work in my new home is 100% finished.

If i start it now i probably forget about it all the time
making it for everyone confusing and more complicated.
On top of that it is more important that Bumper runs on it's new version
as soon as possible. It would make the use of bumper a lot more user friendly
for everyone ;)

Once again i want to thank everyone for the great and tremendous support
we have received lately and over it's lifetime existence.
We appreciate it every much and i will do my very best to answer your questions as soon as i am possible to.

If you have any tips, tricks and or ideas to make our service better feel free
to let us know on Discord or in the comments section below.

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Congratulations, @gyzmo! Your new place looks amazing! What a blessing for you!


Thanks @mitneb sweet :)
Yeah it's amazing indeed !!
First time i have a back and front yard
and i am enjoying it to the full extend.
But i can not wait until my floor arrives.
Dont like to live on this dusty concrete haha.
The 25th my floor will arrive but they will lay it
on the 5th of may. Hopefully by that time i have my internet
set up here also as that one is also taking way longer then expected.

But i may not complain i love this new place :)
I have nothing more then farmland and forests around me now
then the brick and concrete when i was in the big city.

Your house looks neat.

I stopped using the service because it was a little off, but will be happy to start using it again once everything is settled.

Will you be able to have a feature letting us know what % upvote is currently available?

Have a great week.


@metzli many thanks :)
Yes it were some hectic days for me and the service.
I basiclly had no time and almost no possibility to connect to
the server pc. And if so with a mediocre connection.

I am still working on getting my Internet up on my new address
and currently have the pc running over my phones Internet XD
But i have to say thats working surprisingly very well.
Currently the returns are set to 2.3x %.

Looks good... And look forward to seeing it all come together too! :)
Have fun!


Thanks sweet @ackhoo :)
It will take me another few weeks to get everything
100% together.. maybe a few months to get the yard
as i want it. But it's getting somewhere now :P

Its okey dude i am with you we support you feel free to setup your new home


@farhan12 many thanks buddy :)
I most certainly will do my best haha

Congratulations! Nice house!

Thank you vm for ur @bumper project.



@casberp Many thanks buddy :")

Changing home always are dificult days I know that. Dont stress Im following your projects.


@pataty69 yes indeed it is buddy haha.
But i am taking it easy indeed no need to stress out.
Slowly bit by bit ill get it done here ;)

And glad you are following buddy.
I hope you enjoy it !