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Today's Project Diaries is an extremely sad one! I found out late last night that one of my Youtube Subscribers took his own life after being bullied. I've spent most of the night trying to figure out if I should do this video or not but my conclusion is If this can help even just one person its worth doing.

Bullying has been around for many decades but it seems to becoming more common with younger generations. Suicide rates within teenagers are said to be more than half caused by the repercussions of Bullying.

There are many reasons why people feel the need to bully others and with the increase of technology cyberbullying is now becoming more widespread as the cowardy (Yes! Bullies are Cowards) can hide behind fake social media accounts and pseudonyms to hide their identity while stripping others of self esteem, confidence, and even their lives!

I hope by sharing my lifetime of bullying, It can help people regain their strength, stop the feeling of being alone and speak out about these awful attacks!

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Oh my gahd! Im your newsest fan now!!! I cant agree more . 🤧😭😭😭 this post is beautiful and inspiring!!

Thank you! I was nervous about posting it but comments like this make it worth it :)

I found you cuz pennsif resteemed so there should be others coming!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


That's awesome! Thanks for resteeming pennsif :)

This is a sad but so important video.

Thank you for sharing your story ... and your sound advice.

Build your self-eSTEEM - spot on for this platform.

Resteemed so others may hear this.

Thank you @Pennsif. It was a very tough video to do but happy I did it


Excellent! I do hope this helps someone! Blessings to you!

Me too! Thank you :)

So glad you decided to share this, as hard as it must have been. Thank you for being so positive.
Just yesterday I was talking to hubby about why people feel the need to post a nasty comment on something they don't like when most would just go past it or block it if they disagree with it. He told me that his friend (and this was unexpected as he's always polite to me) does things like that because he likes to get a rise out of people. He sometimes does it to hubby, but when hubby tells him not to be a c**t he apologises. He's not physically strong, in fact he was likely a target of bullies himself at one point. He doesn't always keep his insults to himself in the real world either and ends up getting smacked occasionally! Alcohol probably doesn't help his decision making.

Anyway, I mention it because, as you said, it isn't about you, it's about them and some people are completely oblivious to the effects of what they're doing. They are just trying to find some way of feeling important themselves.

I have found that many people have an alternative online personality, ones that do not actually represent who they are in person. People sometimes write nasty comments without even thinking about them as they have no direct contact with them or feel any consequences

Hmm, yes. I guess there's that disconnect where they're not really real because it's just a computer. I find ignoring when online seems to work best with unknown people and the block button I'd necessary. It probably gets harder though if they know you in the outernet.

People can be so unkind. I gave up trying to figure out why a long time ago. Thank you for posting this. I hope that not just one but many read and understand the implications of their words. Cyber bullying is real.

This is such an important topic. Thank you for sharing your story and advice. Resteemed because I think this is an important message.

Thank you for resteeming! I really hope this reaches anyone who needs it

WOW!!! I'm so glad that I found you on here!!!

You're definitely a member of my dream team!!!

This HAS to be one of the best videos for reaching out to the victims of bullying I've ever come across -- and, likely, THE best!!!

Wow! Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm really hoping it will help people/victims of bullying. There seems to be so much coverage on this subject this week. It's an awful thing for someone to go through.

Right now -- as you can see by looking at the link I'll be sharing -- I'm being kept busy-to-the-max (and PART of the business actually comes from what I suspect is an adult bully who has been causing trouble for my family and me for decades and who put one of his little elves up to causing trouble for me -- and another friend is trying to help me avoid a train-wreck).

Anyway, I hope to be doing more noising around of you once I have time to start posting more at Steemit. I've done some already (Tweeting about you on Twitter, which simulcasts to Facebook), and I've followed you at most of the places you have listed.

Anyway, you'll be able to keep up with some of my activities by going here:


and you just might want to become a member of writing.com and make your presence known there. There are a lot of people you'd really like.

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Talking to someone helps.


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Wrongly or rightly, I was always taught, think of a bully as a balloon. Stand up to him and pop him hard, and he'll blow away.

I watch all your uploads on youtube, and think your an inspiration for what you've been through, as well as your medical conditions youir now facing too.

Keep it going brother, and keep standing up to the bullies.

Kind regards, Chris.