Let us Gather to be the Change and Stand up to the Bullies of Tyranny | No Matter Who Wins the Election, The People Who Are Not Elected Will Stay in Control

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Reading through the points raised in the below article, which asserts that no matter who wins the election the status quo and the state will stay in power, a feeling of disillusionment and powerlessness can take hold. But I think this is a healthy reaction because that part of us that has fallen for the illusion of limited liability is dying. By this I mean, we've been lulled into thinking we have no power, that we are victims of the state, corporations, our jobs, the economy, the wealthy, ad infinitum.

This is true when we don't understand our real power. But the greater truth is that without our participation, none of the state's machinations are possible. Each of us is so potent that enormous amounts of time and energy are expended to ensure we never reclaim our inner strength and mastery, for if we did, we would be immune to the control system and would work tirelessly to show others they are just as strong.

In The Matrix films, the character Morpheus described humanity as being reduced to power cells or batteries for the AI mainframe that took over long ago. 


The obvious meaning to glean from this scene is that humanity is a literal power source, but a more subtle suggestion is that we fuel the matrix and the system of control itself. Without our participation, without our energy and consent, the system collapses. This point cannot be overstated. 

Transcending Victim Consciousness 

We live in a world where the mind/soul sickness of victim consciousness has created a near total feeling of disempowerment. Most of us feel completely helpless against the oppressive nature of society and a civilization that stamps out freedom under many guises. But imagine if we simply stopped participating in this system. What if we—the powerhouse of the matrix of control—stopped paying our taxes, stopped going to work, stopped buying goods from nefarious corporations? What if we just stopped feeding energy into anything that serves tyranny and enslavement, and only supply our energy into truth, freedom, and justice, for all?

I know it sounds like a wildly idealistic vision. Some of us will respond by saying: "But how will I live? How will we get the things we need? Won't this reduce our quality of life?" 

And in short, the answer is yes this will cause major disruptions to the way we live at the moment. But also consider that this quality of life is essentially a bribe, a form of reward for selling our souls into the systems of corruption that cause pandemic environmental destruction, feeds the engines of war, and brings about untold suffering for ourselves and our loved ones. Are we really so numb and blind that we are happy to fatten ourselves off the hardship of others?

The hard-to-face question upon realizing these truths becomes, is our complacency and comfort in a hellish state worth it? Are we so satisfied with the way life is that we aren't willing to let go of it all to reach for something better? Are we going to let our fear of the unknown prevent us from making sacrifices for the future and our children?

The Bullies of the World are Cowards and Need to be Faced

The issue of humanity's disempowerment that leads to the enslavement of all goes far beyond the borders of the United States. The powers that should not be can be likened to a rabble of bullies who use fear and intimidation to coerce others into submission—becoming agents of the matrix in the process. And the only way to make a bully realize they no longer have power is not to submit—fighting for our freedom even if it means getting a bloody nose in the process. 
We can't let our fear or our desire for comforts in life hold us back from reaching for real freedom to live in a world where we don't have to settle for evil. We need to be willing to stand tall in our sense of righteousness and un-consent from slavery as much as possible—even if it means loss of comfort and retaliation from the world-bullies that are the powers that be. 

If we can do this, it will show us, firstly, that we are much stronger than we've been led to believe, and secondly, that the criminals acting in the shadows no longer have control over us. They might take away our internet, our food, our water, everything we hold dear, but we will be free, and most importantly, we will no longer feed the engines of tyranny. 
Yes, there might be hardship as we detoxify ourselves from the state's addictive peddlings, but once we pass through this healing phase, we will be so much stronger for it. And future generations will thank us for making this hard choice for the betterment of all. 

It is this ultimate choice each of us faces in a world where oppression, slavery, and victimization are commonplace. It is a realization even the most awakened person tends to shy away from, for it places a huge responsibility on their shoulders. But we need not face this challenge alone, and it arguably won't work unless more than a handful is willing to step across the line of disempowerment. 

Let's Band Together

The powers that be know that even if a few of us make this choice, the vast majority will watch from the sidelines as those brave few are burned at the proverbial stake for heresy against the culture of complacency. The house slaves who have sold their souls to the illusory masters of humanity, the cowards of indifference who have made themselves fat off the suffering of their fellows will spit and curse those who try to burn the house of enslavement down. But someone has to make that first step, someone has to be willing to let it all go to be the change they wish to see in the world—that's what being a freedom fighter is all about.

Even though this time in history is arguably the prophesied apocalypse, perhaps humanity isn't ready for real freedom. Perhaps those who are alive today just don't have the courage to face the simple truth that we must stop feeding the system our energy if we say we really want change. But those of us who are ready to make this step, should seek each other out and start forming an organized, honorable, and dedicated group of like-minded people who are willing to make these steps forward. And hope that in doing so, we lend courage to those who are on the fence, those who need to know if they cross the line of indifference, they won't be the only ones on the other side. 

Imagine a Better World

Imagine a day when people wake up, stop feeding the system with their energy, and the parasitic elite is starved out. The first week or so might be hard. The media will fan the flames of fear, but those who have gained freedom within will stand tall in their resolve. Eventually, the whole system of enslavement will collapse. From its ashes, a new system will be born, and a generation of truly free people, who are capable of critical thinking and altruism, will take hold. A world where all are vigilant against the temptations of tyranny, where love, prosperity, and unimaginable cooperation make the past 10,000 years of so-called progress seem like the dark ages in comparison. This is the vision of a better world we can use to motivate us towards collective action. 

For myself, I can't honestly say I am ready to give it all up, becoming an island of freedom in a sea of tyranny, but I have thought long and hard about why the status quo persists and what needs to happen to change it. If you too have had enough and are ready to gather for change, then know you aren't the only one. 

While we need not make this step tomorrow, we can at least start the conversation and begin to draw support from our fellow freedom fighters. Each person who raises their hand when the call is put out will make it that much easier for those around them to do the same. As the saying goes, "united we stand, divided we fall." 

So let us gather to make a difference. Let us stand up and look around for our brothers and sisters who realize that enough is enough because we are the ones who understand the simple truth that we are capable of effecting great change. If only we dare to look in the mirror and say the words, "I am stronger than the bullies of this world, and I am ready to be the change!" In doing so, the illusory power players, our would-be masters, will be revealed as the cowards they really are, as the sickness of disempowerment is finally cured through sacrificing our identity of victimization. 

Let's unplug from the matrix, stand together, and face the bullies of our world. 

- Justin

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