The Most Reliable Vote Automation Service, for Busy Steemians

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Dear Busy Steemians,

You may have used other services already. We also did our due diligence in searching for a reliable voting automation service. Unfortunately, we couldn't find one that works for us. So we decided to roll up our sleeves and developed a voting machine that works as expected, most of all with utmost reliability and transparency.

Here is the new voting automation tool,


We have reviewed all the currently available voting services and the most important factor is reliability, which most of them couldn't meet. To achieve better level of reliability, we run a dedicated voting service machine that logs every activity it executes. We also have monitored more than 100K transactions to make sure all the nitty details work as expected. Also, it uses battle tested SteemConnect for its login. Now, we want you to try it out.

Multiple Voting Accounts

To run a commercial grade service, it may require multiple voting accounts to fiddle with. To ease their maintenance and monitoring their activities, provides multi-account management. Just authorize your voting accounts after your login with your management account using SteemConnect.


Rules Rule

Various scenarios need various rule specifications. No currently available services provide voting limits like Max Votes per Week or Votes for Postings with Certain Tag(s). Also specifying voting weight in one measure usually doesn't cut well so that now you have an option to specify an absolute voting weight that is percentage of your possible full voting at your maximum mana.

Though our service provides decent set of checkpoints, we understand that it is almost impossible to provide every possible conditional in short time. Please let us know if there are certain criteria that you want to put into rules. We are here to listen.


Monitoring Transactions

Voting machines handle transactoions according to the timing setup and they will reject those postings that do not pass checkpoints you setup with rules. All the logs are meticulously logged into the system and you can monitor them in most convenient ways to make sure your voting strategy is properly executed. Review your daily/weekly statistics to make sure your expected consumption of voting capacity and re-scale your rules accordingly.


As a candidate witness, we heavily depend on steem blockchain for every aspect of our business and the voting automation is a big part of it. We eat our own dog food and hope that this service is of good use to you as well. Also, we want to evolve the service into most complete voting automation service gradually. Please try out our service and leave your constructive feedbacks and feature requests.

Thank you

Sincerely Yours,, Inc. A witness candidate Vote for Witness @bukio


Can someone follow me here? thanks for support 😊

a very useful program,i support and agree the programs,@bukio

a very useful program,i support and agree the programs,@bukio

It's great utility!

Will you consider adding curation guilds/trails with as many options as you have for regular post voting? Also, do you think that adding votes for comments with keywords, for example, could work as well?

Very good idea. Will defately stage them in the dev schedule. Truly appreciated~

Great article thank you

I will definitely try this

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