The World's Greatest Books — Volume 01 — Fiction

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The World's Greatest Books — Volume 01 — Fiction

Gutenberg Edition





    Editor and Founder of the Book of Knowledge
    Editor of Harmsworth's Universal Encyclopaedia
    VOL. I
    Table of Contents
    The King of the Mountains
    I.--The Brigand and His Business
    II.--The King of the Mountains Company, Limited
    III.--A Way of Escape
    Tower of London
    I.--Prisoners in the Tower
    II.--The Twelfth Day Queen
    III.--The Price of Pardon
    IV.--The Torture Chamber and the Block
    The Improvisatore
    I.--A Boyhood in Rome
    II.--In the School of Life
    III.--Love and Adventure in Rome
    IV.--On the Road to Fame
    V.--The Sorrowful Wayfarer
    VI.--A Marriage in Venice
    The Golden Ass
    I.--Lucius Sets Out on His Wonderful Adventures
    II.--The Feast of the God of Laughter
    III.--Lucius Becomes an Ass
    IV.--The Marvellous Story of Cupid and Psyche
    V.--The Further Strange Adventures of the Ass
    VI.--The Miracle of Isis and the Fate of Lucius
    The Arabian Nights
    Or, The Thousand and One Nights
    I.--The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor
    II.--The Tale of the Three Apples
    III.--Hassan, the Rope-Maker
    IV.--Prince Ahmed and the Fairy
    V.--The Hunchback
    VI.--Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp
    VII.--Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
    VIII.--The Fisherman and the Genie
    IX.--The Enchanted Horse
    Song-Story of the Twelfth Century
    I.--Lovers Young and Fair
    II.--Love's Song in a Dungeon
    III.--Aucassin Goes in Quest of Nicolette
    IV.--Love in the Forest
    V.--Nicolette's Love Song
    On the Height
    I.--A Peasant Nurse in a Royal Palace
    II.--The Love Affairs of a King
    III.--Walpurga Returns Home
    IV.--The Countess Irma's Atonement
    V.--A Court Scandal
    VI.--Forgiving and Forgiven
    Sense and Sensibility
    I.--The Dashwoods of Norland Park
    II.--Marianne Dashwood in Love
    III.--Matrimonial Intrigues
    IV--A Happy Ending to Love's Troubles
    Pride and Prejudice
    I.--A Society Ball at Longbourn
    II--The Bennet Girls and their Lovers
    III.--Elizabeth Rejects the Rector
    IV.--Darcy Loves and Loses
    V.--An Elopement
    VI.--Three Bennet Weddings
    Northanger Abbey
    I.--A Heroine in the Making
    II.--In the Gay City of Bath
    III.--Catherine Morland Among Her Friends
    IV.--Romance at Northanger Abbey
    Mansfield Park
    I.--Sir Thomas Bertram's Family Connections
    II.--Cupid at Mansfield Park
    III.--Fanny in Society
    IV.--Wedding Bells at Mansfield
    I.--The Social Amenities of Highbury
    II.--Emma as a Matchmaker
    III.--Emma's Schemes in a Tangle
    IV.--Love Finds its Own Way
    I.--The Vain Baronet of Kellynch Hall
    II.--Anne Elliot and her Old Lover
    III.--Love-making at Lyme Regis
    IV.--Love Triumphant
    Eugénie Grandet
    I.--The Rich Miser of Saumur
    II.--Eugénie's Springtime of Love
    III.--M. Grandet's Discovery
    IV.--The Honour of the Grandets
    Old Goriot
    I.--In a Paris Boarding-House
    II.--The Beginnings of the Tragedy
    III.--A Temptation and a Murder
    IV.--Old Goriot's Death-Bed
    The Magic Skin
    I.--The Seal of Solomon
    II--A Fight Against Fate
    III.--The Agony of Death
    The Quest of the Absolute
    I.--Claes, the Alchemist
    II.--The Riddle of Existence
    III.--The Passing of Josephine
    IV.--The Hour of Darkness
    V.--Discovery of the Absolute
    History of the Caliph Vathek
    I.--Vathek and the Magic Sabres
    II.--The Caliph's Strange Adventures
    III.--The Palace of Subterranean Fire
    Oroonoko: the Royal Slave
    I.--The Stolen Bride
    II.--A White Man's Treachery
    III.--The Taint of Slavery
    A Voyage to the Moon
    I.--Arrival on the Moon
    II.--The Garb of Shame
    III.--Marvels of the Moon
    I.--The Little Song-Maker
    II.--The Call of the Mountains
    III.--Love's Awakening
    IV.--After Many Years
    In God's Way
    I.--A Strange Home-coming
    II.--The Poison of Tongues
    III.--The Fell Work of Slander
    IV.--The Reconciliation
    A Daughter of Heth
    I.--In Strange Surroundings
    II.--The Lovers of Coquette
    III.--The Opening of the Gates
    Lorna Doone
    I.--An Adventure in Glen Doone
    II.--John Ridd Goes A-Wooing
    III.--Love Amid the Snows
    IV.--A Night of Fire and Blood
    V.--The Duel at Wizard's Slough
    The Decameron
    Or Ten Days' Entertainment
    The Seven Beautiful Maidens
    Cymon and Iphigenia: A Tale of Love
    Gisippus and Titus: A Tale of Friendship
    The Three Rings: A Tale of Ingenuity
    Griselda: A Tale of Wifely Patience


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