BuildTeam CEO Update: STEEM/HIVE Services Roadmap

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BuildTeam has been committed to serving the Steem community since its inception in July 2017 and we remain at the service of the community no matter which chain they have chosen to call their home.

We are currently faced with a Tale of Two Cities, where a large portion of our userbase has moved on to Hive after the recent Hard Fork and some remain on Steem, while others are involved in both.

This update serves the purpose of letting people know what we have planned in the near future to support our users.

Herein I will list each of our services and our plans for them on both chains. P2P Digital Asset Leasing

Dlease has become BuildTeam's flagship app, with over 33 Million Steem Power having been leased via our platform since inception.

Our team has been working around the clock to add the Hive chain to the Dlease microservices infrastructure.

If you are currently delegating to ongoing leases on the Dlease platform please do not cancel your delegation on Hive, within a week we will have integrated the Hive chain and you will start receiving your daily payouts in HIVE as well as in STEEM if you have delegations there.

Kindly bear with us while we construct our Hive platform.

Effective immediately, we are transferring all MinnowBooster leases over to Dlease, all MinnowBooster leases ported across will continue their course and your daily payouts will come from the @dlease account going forward. The Escrow will also be moved across from @minnowbooster to @dlease.

For those of you who had MinnowBooster SBD balances, we will arrange to refund those to you in the coming week, all mirrored balances we claimed on Hive will also be sent to you.

The MinnowBooster website is currently not operational while we undergo this maintenance.

We have also decided that we will deprecate MinnowBooster altogether once we have migrated the leases to Dlease. There is no longer demand for bot upvote services and thus we will be retiring the service.

The domain is still ranked 200K plus on Alexa and we will likely just point it to


We have already had many requests for GINAbot to be ported across to Hive. Our priority for the coming week is to add Hive support to Dlease and thereafter we will look into what we can do with GINAbot.

We have been working on GINAbot 2.0 for sometime now without much funding, we will try "hack" the old GINA to work with Hive but ideally we would like to get funding to complete the new GINA which will be based off our microservices infrastructure for easier integration to other Chat apps and even Zapier. She will come with a brand new interface similar to the look of

Please look out for the GINAbot 2.0 proposal and support it to help us transform GINA into all she can be. and the new will continue to operate on the Steem chain for the time being. While Dlease and GINAbot are our priority, Steemvoter upgrades and porting to Hive will be placed on the backburner unless any capable developer is really passionate about this service and wants to lead the project development and assist us in drafting a proposal for funding.

TokenBB Forums

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that TokenBB tokenised forums are no longer economically viable and will be shut down from the 1st of April 2020.

We have not seem much activity even on the more popular forums, the Steem/Hive communities seem to prefer blog format front-ends and therefore we cannot continue to cover the overhead of a service that is barely used.

If anyone would like to see the TokenBB forums project continue and has an funding/monetisation ideas for us, please make contact with me.

Nextcolony Automation Service

This bot service was used by a handful of people and there are not many active subscriptions. We will thus be ending this service to keep our cognitive load low and focussed on our flagship products. This service will also be terminated from the 1st of April 2020.

Similar to TokenBB, the Shop has not had many merchandise sales and its only other purpose was to facilitate premium tier TokenBB forum and Nextcolony bot subscriptions. Since these services will be retired, the shop will also be closed to reduce maintenance overhead.

We at BuildTeam thank our users for their loyal support of our services and rest assured we will do right by you to the best of our ability.

No matter which chain they are on, our community is what makes us great and gives us hope for what the future could bring for us all.

With sincerity and hope,

Ricardo Ferreira (@thecryptodrive)

BuildTeam CEO
Hive Consensus Witness
Steem Backup Witness


As someone who is still running a steem witness can you tell me how you feel about these changes to the terms of service? Some open and honest communication would help during these trying times.

Do you agree with these changes? Were you consulted at all before they were changed? Do you really believe people need written permission to promote each other? Am I seriously not allowed to promote anything that isn't Steemit?

User Conduct

14.1. When accessing or using the Services, you agree that you will not commit any unlawful act, and that you are solely responsible for your conduct while using our Services. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you agree that you will not:

14.1.7. Use our services to promote third-party platforms or to promote each other without our written permission.

Hi, I saw this recently yes. It is absolutely ridiculous. Seems worse than Facebook censorship, I was not consulted, Justin Sun just does what he likes without consulting anyone. No people shouldn't need permission to promote each other. Justin controls so I suggest you start using or going forward as they do not have those restrictions, we should make a movement to migrate people to other frontends on Steem.

Thanks, I appreciate the reply. I'm switching to Hive but would also like to hang around here as well. I've messaged all the current witnesses who have at least 1 post (which sadly means only a few of the current witnesses) and asked the same thing. I'm trying to get a sense of which witnesses to keep supporting, you already have my vote and I'm happy to keep it that way :)


Will be looking forward to seeing GINABot back up and will be watching for the proposal for funding her development. I had not seen previous efforts to get funding for the project but would have supported it without hesitation. Anytime Ginabot has been down I feel like my connection to the chain is cut with it.

As for TokenBB, I for one have found it invaluable as a goto location for listing the links shared during PYPT. I guess I'll maybe post directly into The Ramble community like I did on tokenBB

Thanks for all your efforts.

It is always hard in a tough time like this to make rapid changes!

It is always hard
In a tough time like this to
Make rapid changes!

                 - chesatochi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

So, leasing is all that is left and Gina stays on steem for now? The is the dividend from the tokens going to drop even more??

leasing will port to Hive in the next week, Gina will do so soon after. We will have a huge saving from disabling MinnowBooster, it was a monolithic ruby on rails stack which cost us the bulk of our Heroku monthly cost. We will see some savings in the short term, also from disabling tokenbb we see more cost savings as it was only making us like 100 Steem per month in bene rewards. Focussing on core apps and monetising them is the best strategy, Ginabot is a good one to monetize in future.

cool that is really good to hear. Will there then be future payouts both in steem AND in hive?? As I understand it dlease will be available on both or will you just pick a token for the rewards?

Other idea might be to buy back buildteam with the profits from both and pay out in that token. it would give it some extra value

Paying out in BuildTeam is an interesting idea, dual payouts are also on our mind but we need for there to be stable libraries on hive first, and people want ginabot and dlease ported across. We will look at how to handle Hive payouts when things are less hectic.

Just had a thought that liquidity could be an issue for buying back scenario, if no one is selling could be an issue or if prices are high wont get much BUILDTEAM to distribute.

well, now you are paying out the buildteam rewards in steem

just take the steem and hive and buy buildteam off the market, that will raise the token price of buildteam. The liquidity might be an issue but it will drive up the buildteam price for sure. With higher prices there are always people that sell.
As far as I know you use buildteam to pay your devs. If they see a rise in price they might sell easier??

Is Dlease still working on Steemit? I don't think my last delegation request went through.

It should be, there were some node issues but should be fine now, what account did you use to request the lease? Also please join our helpdesk at

I think this one got lost.

Missing steemvoter on hive so badly. Poor poor pitiful me, lol.

We will do our best to get it back for you.

Poor guy! And i can't send you !BEER for better feelings 🤣 I am waiting for Gina...

One day we will have it!

Thanks for all your work so far.
Love to have the Steemvoter available on HIVE
Anyway, a bit of !BEER for you

I am looking forward to get Gina on the HIVE Chain! Missing steemworld and Gina for getting notifications :-(
Thank you for your services - i will wait 😉

Can't get logged in now on steemvoter old

Hi Xpilar, I can login fine, I will message you on Discord, easier that way.

Hi @thecryptodrive

Are there problems with Steemvoter (old) seeing that many of my favorite authors are not voted on. it applies to all the accounts I have in Steemvoter

Hi Xpilar, I will get our dev team to look into it. Thanks for letting me know, all Steem nodes are pretty poorly run by Justin so the Steem chain is not as stable as it used to be.

We can't wait to see the new Gina on Hive!

Why has the payment been completed and there is no rental list?
There have been four
Please confirm , and refund
I can't use discord transfer 116 STEEM to dlease 10 # 431.03 5 transfer 116 STEEM to dlease 10 # 431.03 5 transfer 0.773 STEEM to dlease renew 5e74ba28ed75bc00182f8b88
goodvoter transfer 50 STEEM to minnowbooster 2 goodvoter 266.40 3

It seems to me that is not working t the moment??

Hi Rynow, yes it is down for the moment. Most of the devs who were running full public nodes with Account History have taken their infrastructure over to Hive. I have just found out of one that still may exist and will try switch to it soon.

Thank you so much for the feedback.

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excellent very good effort

How does one get STEEM POWER leased to #Minnowbooster returned?

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply, please check out go to the Dashboard and switch to your username and check and amend your delegations. If you still need help please visit our support channel on


Same problem. No matter which PVT key I use (including the one that works just fine logging into steemit), an error results and the deligation withdrawl fails.

How does one recover STEEM POWER leased to #Minnowbooster?

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply, please check out go to the Dashboard and switch to your username and check and amend your delegations. If you still need help please visit our support channel on

I still have 1k steem in delegation from minnowbooster. Couldn't find it on Help please

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply, please check out go to the Dashboard and switch to your username and check and amend your delegations. If you still need help please visit our support channel on

Hello, I need help in withdrawing my delegated stern power to minnowbooster, please let me know how is it possible for me to withdraw the steems now?

Very true, our community makes us great and there's still hope