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The plan starts with understanding who your audience is. In this case, your audience will be separated into two groups: Those who understand blockchain and those who don’t. The knowledgeable crowd will usually come from some sort of existing crypto community. Either they invested in an ICO, or just spend a great deal of time on relevant subreddits or CoinDesk. Whatever the case may be, these folks have a higher level of understanding of the blockchain space and require more advanced terminology and technical know-how when speaking with them. They also read specific publications and are found on different social networks/platforms than the mainstream crowd.

The second group you’ll be targeting (those who don’t understand blockchain), are relative newcomers who recognize that blockchain is sizzling hot right now. They heard the terms crypto and ether being spread around and may have read a few articles on bitcoin, however, they know very little or almost nothing at all about the space. Your PR strategy needs to cater to both these audiences, with different messages and targets.

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