BuildTeam Update - New Features Now Available for BUILDTEAM Token!

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BUILDTEAM token now has gifting functionality!

In this update we want to tell our fans about a new and exciting feature that has just been introduced to the BUILDTEAM token. The feature we're referring to allows users to gift BUILDTEAM tokens to friends, family or really anyone they felt deserved a little gift or tip. Everyone should be pleased with the fact that they now have the ability to use the liquid BT in their Bitshares account to gift a stake to someone else.

This feature is kind of like sending a power up to another user on Steem.

Gifting tokens is very similar to the normal process of staking tokens, the only change is the fact that the memo is a bit different.

You use the memo to indicate which Bitshares account and Steem account the stake is for.

The format for gifting (which should be made in the memo field) is "bitsharesaccountname steemaccountname" and an example has been provided below.

So in the example user 'buildteam' sent 1 BUILDTEAM to the official staking account 'buildteamvest' instructed in the memo field to gift it to Bitshares account 'steem-biz' associated with Steem account 'steembusiness'

But what if you want to gift some BUILDTEAM to a mate but don't know the appropriate information. Well if they've already got tokens staked they can be found at our staking sheet here:

Yes folks, it is really that easy to gift staked tokens to another user. Now we thought it would also be appropriate to go over the finer points of the BUILDTEAM token. The main thing to keep in mind is...

The more BT you stake, the more Steem you will receive!

How Does Staking Work?

Staking payouts are made twice per month. They occur on the 1st and 16th of each month. Payouts are done from a fund of BuildTeam profits that have accumulated over the previous 2 week period. The size of this fund is never announced before distribution.

Since most of our projects are based around the Steem blockchain, payouts are made in Steem, and are sent to the Steem account you nominated when initiating the Stake.

When BuildTeam branches out to build on other blockchains, income in those currencies will also be paid out to Stakeholders.

Once you have staked your BUILDTEAM tokens, they are essentially frozen as long as they remain staked. Staked BT cannot be transferred or traded on the Bitshares market.

These tokens are effectively taken out of circulation.

How to buy BUILDTEAM on the Bitshares platform

If you don't have a Bitshares wallet, create one here:

Fund your Bitshares DEX account with an approved cryptocurrency. In addition to Bitshares, BTC, DASH and many other tokens are accepted as well. (If you are already a BUILDTEAM token holder and have sufficient BTS for transaction fees, skip to Step Four)
Step Three

Click on the following link to go directly to the BuildTeam exchange on Bitshares DEX:

Use the 'Buy' panel to purchase the desired quantity of BuildTeam tokens.

How to manage your stake

There are several actions you can perform at any time to control your stake:
--- Establish a new stake or add to an existing stake ---

Simply send the amount of BUILDTEAM tokens you want to vest to the buildteamvest Bitshares account, with your Steem account name in the memo field. The amount you send is how much will be staked.

Powerdown a stake

Send any amount of BUILDTEAM tokens (such as 0.001 BT) to the buildteamvest Bitshares account, with “start powerdown {Steem account name}” in the memo field. Or simply write “start powerdown” without the account name in order to powerdown all stakes (useful if you stake to multiple Steem accounts).

Stop powering down a stake

As Above,. Send any amount of BUILDTEAM tokens (such as 0.001 BT) to the buildteamvest Bitshares account, with “stop powerdown {Steem account name}” in the memo field. Or simply write “stop powerdown” without the account name in order to stop all active powerdowns (useful if you stake to multiple Steem accounts).

View staking information

After sending a Bitshares transaction, it can take up to 20 minutes (but most of the time it should be less) for your transaction to be processed and changes to your stake(s) recorded. To make sure your transaction had the desired effect, you can verify your current stakes at any time by checking this public Excel spreadsheet:

Buildteam Vested Shares Spreadsheet

This sheet will always show the latest staking information, with data being updated automatically every 10 minutes. Stakes are displayed in alphabetical order by Bitshares & Steem account, so it should be easy to find your entry.

Important Message About Staking

Staking is completely automatic so it’s important that people fill out memo fields exactly as instructed. Problems can be corrected, however this is a time consuming manual process, and Buildteam does not monitor the staked shares for errors. It is the stake holder’s responsibility to reach out for support as needed.

Call to Action

BuildTeam has made incredible progress this year on its robust roadmap with the completion of Steemvoter Beta as well as several other new services and features we will be discussing shortly. We'd like to remind you that there's never been a better time to take a stake or gift a stake of BUILDTEAM to a friend. Together we are changing the world so come on board with us and be part of the magic!

Thanks for your support, lets make the rest of 2018 a blast!

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spewing I'm not still holding boat loads of this token :(

Buildteam still leading the innovation charge on STEEM, and slowly, steadily, expanding the frontiers.

Well done.

Gifting BT tokens. What a great idea. Always moving and thinking and adapting. Great job team.

What awesome features. I'm kicking myself I sold my little bag when I did, I had better put some funds aside to get a position back in the amazing project.

Very interesting project! I like the concept, I'll keep my eye on this.

Great Idea. A good way to help out new friends on blockchain. Passive income is my favourite income. This will be huge when interest returns to the sector.

Nice! Now we could give gifts to our family and friends easily without much of a hassle. By the way, I just want to clarify something. What is staking?

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