BuildTeam presents: The BuildTeam shop (Win a $30 Coupon or a NextColony Bot subscription)

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Read through to the end of this post for the competition details

Have you been looking for cool Steem related merchandise? Do you want an easy way to access premium features of BuildTeam services? And would you like to pay for that with STEEM or SBD?

In that case, we have awesome news for you!

Today, we introduce to you the BuildTeam shop, which has the following categories:

1. Branded Merchandise

Do you want a cool BuildTeam backpack? A T-Shirt with the Steem logo, featuring your Steem username? Or are you more of a cap person?

You can find all that in the "Merchandise" category, and filter by either "BuildTeam" or "Steem" merch!

As you can see in the image, USD, STEEM, and SBD prices are all three shown directly below the items, to help you quickly assess how much you'll pay.

And while we currently only offer the Steem tops and tees in white, the BuildTeam T-shirt comes in a variety of great colours.

2. NextColony Bot

Have you checked out NextColony yet?

It's a new game on the Steem blockchain, where you can explore undiscovered space, find and colonize new planets, battle with other players, and trade digital collectables.

As fun as the game is, players with a background in developing can easily gain the upper hand over players without such a background, due to their ability to customise and automate their gameplay. Because bots don't sleep.

Well, players without a developer background can be given an equal chance!

For now, our NexColony Bot lets you automatically level up skills and upgrade your ingame facilities - and there are more features coming in the future!

Level the playing field and compete with others based on strategy, not on coding skills.

3. Steemvoter Premium Subscription

For those of you who are still using our older version of Steemvoter, we can now offer the option of automated recurring invoices with payment links in STEEM and SBD.

There is a variety of discounted subscription options, depending on if you want to buy Steemvoter premium for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

At this point, we are only offering subscriptions for Steemvoter premium, but there are more awesome subscription options for our services to come. Stay tuned!

The Promo Partner Program

Do you want more exposure for your app, project, or community but don't have the time (or funds) to kick off your own shop?

Do you want to gain market share from being showcased alongside awesome projects like NextColony and BuildTeam?

As a promo partner, you can submit designs to us featuring your custom brand and we will take away the hassle of having to process, print, and ship orders.

Maximise your organic exposure on the market by allowing your community, users, and players to wear apparel or other products with your brand logo on it.

If you want to take this opportunity to partner with BuildTeam and let your customers hold your branded products, contact thecryptodrive#8144 on Discord chat to discuss details.

Last but not Least: A Giveaway!

We've been looking forward to opening up this online store, and thus want to properly celebrate with all of you!

By upvoting and resteeming this post, you will be automatically entered into the draw for our giveaway.

The first price is a $30 coupon to purchase anything from our BuildTeam store, second and third place will receive a free subscription to the NextColony bot for 3 months.

Good luck!

Visit our website for more!
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Don't miss out on @Steemvoter
Set @buildteam as your Steem witness proxy

Set it up today and contribute to building a better tomorrow!

( Want an easier way? Use our SteemConnect proxy link! )

Join our Discord Chat

Get support and connect with us and other BuildTeam fans!

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary and sister project to @dlease, @ginabot, @tokenbb, @steemsports and @minnowbooster.


This is great, thanks for providing this avenue for the steem community. I will be contacting you in discord anytime soon.

Sounds good! :)

Congratulations @scooter77, @mcoinz79 and @angelica7 (from the Spanish version) you are the winners of a 3 month subscription to the NextColony automation bot, please contact me in DM on Discord to arrange, thecryptodrive#8144, if you don't use NextColony feel free to gift the win to a friend.

Thank you! I contacted you on discord as mja_79. Would love to deploy the bot.

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Do enjoy use of the bot and its well worth the cost. Thanks

Thank you, glad you like it! We are constantly improving it, so if you have any issues with it or suggestions, feel free to come by discord for a chat :)

Upvoted ☑️
Resteem ☑️
Hope can win the contest. 😉😁

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This is fantastic @buildteam! As a e-shop developer I think that this could be a great move for the Chain. Any integration to buy in Steem/Sbd in other sites?
I remember I bought some apparel at Steemitshop time ago and they disappeared (was a great service too) but now we have our new Shop!

Peace V!

Thanks for the nice words @leotrap, yeah BuildTeam has been around for a long time, we aren't the fly-by-night type like other projects that have disappeared as you said. We look forward to ways to collaborate and grow the offering, we have had some nice ideas in DM these last few days.

Hello @thecryptodrive, any plan to open the shop to other vendor? Or open the cart systems to other vendors?

Contact us on discord if you want to sell through our shop :)

Hi @skarnoze, please join and DM me thecryptodrive#8144 to discuss further.

nice! upvoted and resteeemed!

Hey Congrats @revisesociology, you have won the first prize of a $30 BuildTeam shop voucher. Please contact me on Discord in DM: thecryptodrive#8144 for the code.

Hey that's great - will DM sometime next couple of days!

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This is great for some future opportunities for meetups and networking! I will check it out!

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For number $3 I can't seem to find that subscription on the website?

A paid subscription for a blockchain game bot? That‘s f*cking rickdickulous 😂

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The pricing is only marginally more than the monthly pricing running your own vps, and saves hours of setup and coding which easily make up the $2 pm difference. There is nothing ridiculous about it.

Haha, yes. Most peeps are not even able to code and run a bot. BUT that it only took a week for someone to build such a service is hilarious. Kudos. Read again. RICKDICKoulous as in Rick and morty.
Add Account creation service for added value 😬

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Yes yeah, this helps those who can't setup a vps and code a bot and the price is not much different, NextColony is a cool up and coming game so we decided to push out this bot service. Account creation service is available on our app page there are three different options there.

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Many successes for this project.
Good vibes.

cool idea and sure - I will give it a try.

Can you tell me more about your online shop @buildteam?

I might be interested in starting an online shop for Humanist and it would be nice if you could handle the orders, shipping, etc.

I'd need to know if you are doing this in-house or if you are just using a 3rd party like Zazzle since I am looking to hire a team that has their own in-house employees.

I'd also need to know where you can actually ship i.e. will you ship worldwide or only in the United States or a few countries?

Thank you.