BuildTeam Bidding Announcement - 3700 STEEM - BIDDING IS NOW OPEN!

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BuildTeam would like to announce that we are now taking bids for the September pot ...

The September 2017 BuildToken General Fund is :

3700 STEEM!!!

Bidding commenced at 00:00 UTC September 3rd, 2017 and will close at 23:59 UTC on September 5th, 2017.

To participate in the bidding process, you will need to get your hands on some BUILDTEAM tokens. If you haven't got some yet check out this handy video tutorial from @velimir and @techblogger:

How is the pot distributed?

The pot is distributed proportionately among the bidders according to how many tokens each participant has bid. There is no minimum or maximum bid. Assuming two participants, if you bid 1 token and the other participant bids 9, you will get 10% of the pot.

What's the best bidding strategy?

The more tokens each person bids, the less STEEM there is to pay out per token. The bidding "game" is designed to be co-operative, rather than competitive. If you start trying to "win" by outbidding other participants, you won't just be damaging the group, you will be damaging your own interests too!

Bidding Process

Step One

If you already have a Bitshares wallet and BUILDTEAM tokens, you can skip straight to Step 4, otherwise you should create a Bitshares wallet here:

Also, consider downloading the Bitshares desktop wallet for a more secure way to transact. The wallet can be downloaded here:

Step Two

Fund your Bitshares DEX account with some Bitshares tokens. You can buy Bitshares at Bittrex, or use STEEM or SBD to buy Bitshares at

Step Three

Click on the following link to go directly to the BuildTeam exchange on Bitshares DEX:

Use the 'Buy' panel to purchase the desired quantity of BuildTeam tokens.

Step Four

After the bidding process has begun, make your bid by clicking on the 'Send' tab in the top right corner of the exchange window.

It will take you to the screen below:

Send the quantity of BuildTeam Tokens you would like to bid and place your Steemit account name in the 'MEMO' field. Remember to keep some BTS tokens in your account and select them for the transfer fee option as this is a much cheaper way to transact.

Additional bids can be made following these same instructions up until the deadline period.

Tracking Bids

BuildTeam is proud to present you with this opportunity to share in our success. We want this process to be as transparent as possible. You can see the current bids on the September 2017 tab in this google sheet, but be aware that we fill this in manually. In addition you can see the latest transfers on cryptofresh, at OpenLedger or, if you are using the desktop client, simply click the gear icon -> explore -> accounts, enter buildteam and click the account name to view the latest transactions.

Make sure you keep track of the number of bids made and the quantity of STEEM offered in the monthly pot before making your bids.

If you have any questions head over to the MinnowBooster discord channel and contact either @bulleth or @locke.

Good luck!

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May the bid be a fair one with a good return for everyone :) I'll submit mine right away later today :)

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i have one question for you guys.what is more important for you money or time. think about it


Can I bid $1?

If it's $1 worth of BUILDTEAM!

Yup, any number of buildteam tokens that you can buy with $1 :)

Holy wows. I need some BUILDTEAM!

Have Buildteam will bid. Have $1 but can't use that because its Fiat....... shakes head

really 3700 steem???

Yes :)

Congratulations @buildteam!
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Thank you so much for sharing all this information! that's great! All the best! Waiting for more posts! :)

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Nice post friends good luck

I have sent my bid, [looks like the 1st again lol]
And hopegully others will follow the amount hahahahaha! =)

imagine no one else bids, that's 3700 STEEM xD

Well i bid 1 BT if other people do the same it will be better for us besides the BUILDTEAM, lol
And i highly doubt nobodyelse will bid, cause BUILDTEAM can as well and they want some of that pot lol

I'm bidding 100, the problem with really small ones is someone with ill intent can swoop in at the last minute and steal it all!

Yeah theyll just have to beat my last second, lol. Idk what im bidding yet, ill wait and see how it looks, i would like to profit but still hold some BT if ya know what i mean

I know what you mean.. If you have money to invest in BT tokens there has never been a better time. Rumors circulating about some big announcements coming soon...


Nice one there. Im going to subscribe for mine soon....

hi my best bot
i sent you 3 sbd to upvote me but i dont receive any upvote !

I wish I knew Steemit enough to participate ;(

Nic post good luck @buildteam

Upvote for you @buildteam