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Over the last ten years, much construction has been going on, where I live. High rise buildings have been going up every where. Growing up, most were 2 to 3 family houses and some 6 to 8, which only 4 stories. Things have changed to a accommodate in influx of people moving here, because of the train being so close to Manhattan. Many bars and restaurants have opened. Expensive brand name stores have settled in also, like Wholefoods Market and Starbucks. In the 1980's a 2 family house cost around 80,000.00, now they're around 2 million dollars. Rents have gone up dramatically, around 3500.00 for a two bedroom.

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Life does not stand still. Everything changes. Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing


Welcome, thanks for stopping by

Very expensive housing and every year more and more expensive. For prices did not keep up. Thank you for sharing


Yes very, thank you

Great photos @rightwing670 and more beautiful buildings are being built in our cities!


Thank you, great sharing

Oh yes @rightwing670, an interesting photo, and now many buildings are being built everywhere, more people have become visible!

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This pictures give me joy a lot , maybe you should share with us pictures of your house also, I do like this blog, I come here not just to interact with you but look at great pictures as well. If one person finds joy in what your doing then you have achieved something great.

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Maybe I should share then :-)