An update on my studio

in #building3 months ago

I had planned to do updates regularly

But between the work on the studio space, working in my garden and life I been too tired to form thoughts to write. But finally after just over 2 long months I am getting close to being finished. I am not finished yet but am getting almost there. I have the electrical to finish, I also need to install the crown molding, the baseboards, and the trim and then I am done with the building and will only have the RV outlet to install which a licensed electrician will be doing because of regulations. But here is some photos of the work I have done so far.













There is a few things left to do

But I am close to getting everything done in the studio. I am excited because not only will I be doing photoshoots in the space but I am also going to use it as a space to create. Including scheduling time for focusing on my blog again. I have a small desk to put into the space next to the shelves. Sunday the electrical work is being done. To make sure it is done correctly I have a friend who frequently wires RV's hooking my wiring up to the RV inlet and the electrician I used to hook up my house when we built it is going to hook up my 50 amp RV outlet. So this is my update on my studio build. I will update again soon.


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