Few about domes.

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Here I have here drew a perspective to participate in my favorite business.
So far only interest, I do not know what will come of it, would not scare :).
A task.
Geodesic dome 12 meters in diameter for permanent residence in the far suburbs
The building area is 111.2 sq.m.
Perimeter 3754 mm
Height without riser 6000 mm
Sheath 160 segments
The area of the hemisphere is 221.9 square meters.
The height of the riser is 1100 mm (preliminary)
Framework #goodkarma9

For modeling I use Rhinoceros 4.0
The first thing the orbit model icosahedron.

Next, I mark the rest of the grid. First the triangles are EEE, then the sections of the pentagons.

And then, the routine installation of triangular surfaces.

Cleaning the grid from structural lines
top-dome clear.jpg

Layout of triangles for color coding. You get such an interesting 3D effect.


Again cleaning the mesh from the structural lines


Voila. The dome pattern of the 4th frequency in the L3 triangulation is ready.
If it will be the will of the gods, I will continue in the near future publications on the further elaboration of the framework and reports from the production and construction site.

And for those whose hands grow from the shoulders and like the domes there is a Guide, a link to Google document in my profile here also.

All good :).

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