Before and after

in building •  5 months ago

So the garage is 90% completed and I wanted to show you the before and after pics.

So my garage was a bit of a dumping ground. It took two skips to get rid of everything in the garage and some bits from the house.

This was the start


I had made a small office in one half of the garage before. It was a rush job and wasnt very good.we moved out of it as an office and it become a dumping ground.

After i stripped it i fully insulated it as it got cold in winter. I added two windows and replaced the door with my fathers help.

After wiring then plasterboard it was then plastered.

The kids helped me decorate. Then carpet.

Now we have a working office and playroom


I am very happy with it to.

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Nice work! New environments can be productive for your career too, haha

~ Mako

Good job.

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