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Rada Quest Trading Card Game

Who is developing it?

Marcosdk has already written a book, which the game will be based on and has done artwork that will be in game and is continuing to do more. So what’s left? The game of course, is what he is currently trying to get done.

What are they developing?

A Trading Card game that combines construction and resource building. As well as player battles supporting both player vs machine and pvp.

Where is this being developed?

Rada Quest is being built on Steem. Here is a link that @marcosdk did for SPS:

Here is also a link to the official website:

Why am I nominating this?

A couple of reasons, firstly I am interested in the game and looking forward to it being released so I can play it. Secondly gaming is a easy win for getting attention, providing the game is good. At the moment Steem could do with all the attention it can get. I believe from what I have seen so far, that this game will be a success, so much so I have personally invested in it.

How is Rada Quest being developed?

@radaquest is being developed by @marcosdk . As he is working on it alone my only concern is time. He will need to balance his time on work , personal and Rada quest. If he is feeling uninspired or sick it slows work down, working this way. But from what I have seen so far it has not been an issue. He is also using sales from his token TARUK ( which can be purchased on Steem Engine) and Artwork ( that can be purchased from his website) to fund the games development.

I hope this gives you some insight into what he is building and how I believe it will be a draw card ( pun intended) for Steem.

Thanks for your time,

Have an awesome day!


Thank you for your support!

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