Curation Digest: August 26, 2017

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O weeeee are you in for a special treat in this issue of Curation Digest.

@bethalea takes over this issue and wow does she love this. she is one of the most kind, pure souls I have met and puts her mind, body, and soul into curating and writing.

She really loves to help people and this is a natural extension of that for her.

Without further adeu let's dive on in @buildawhale style:


Written by @road2wisdom

What great stories! I loved how you tell us the story BEHIND the story. Breaking down some of the most famous scenes in cinematic history is an absolutely brilliant and fantastic way to inform us, Your Faithful Readers, thank you!


I appreciated your posting the links to the youtube videos! How sweet to be able to re-visit such epic scenes!

I had never seen the crazy coin you write about, and I’m not sure how to feel about the making of them, to be honest. I do wish you might have listed some of your sources of this kind of information, too, simply to be recognized as tightly legit. I have heard of most of these theroys before, but maybe some other readers haven’t.

Mostly, thank you for sharing your words with us, and a little piece of your soul. I enjoyed reading this and wish you all the best!


Written by @trumpman

First of all. My friend.


I fully Googled this creature because I thought there was a very real possibility that this animal was FAKE. NEWS.

I was horrified AND excited to be able to highlight this in today’s Curation Digest! (lol ;) )

Cuz EW. and SQUEE. And then maybe a little more ew, just sayin’. ;)
I found your information easy to follow and broken up very nicely! Easy, fun, and informative post!

I fully enjoyed it and look forward to seeing more from you!


Written by @mtgmisfit

I loved this post. It’s well written and captivating.


It’s also a subject I’ve been thinking about a LOT these days.

Obviously, I am a fan of @buildawhale, and think the work being done on the platform to be revolutionary. I find the concept of bots to be the antithesis, really, of what Steemit was made for in the first place… to encourage original content for the (mostly) soul purpose of giving it to others. Spreading the wealth, as it were.

I am worried that we are all, now, afraid of losing the ‘mighty’ dollar so badly that we are willing to pimp ourselves out for nothing more than a percentage of an upvote. By an entity that did not, could not, would not actually read your words.

Your post inspired big, powerful emotions in me, a resurgence of belief in things like @buildawhale and @ccasino / @nicnas, @chiefmappster and what good we are trying to see be done in this world.

Read it.

And we thank you for it.

Xo, b.


Written by @danieldoghty


Wow, you opened our team’s MIND to understanding a different idea about tourism!

We also loved how you included us in your discussion…. You drew us in with your detailed description of how this process goes, which is fascinating.

Thank you again for sharing!


Written by @ruth-girl

These are great pictures, and your descriptions that go along with them are inviting, descriptive and informative. Well. Done.

You draw your readers in, wanting to learn more. And you don’t disappoint, ruth-girl ;)

Your post is well researched and well presented. I can’t tell you how much I learned and how much I will remember after reading your list.

I can’t wait to further research the people you list here, like Kurbangguly Berdymukhadedov who is behind this post, personally.

Thank you for introducing such a rich and necessary subject matter to us, and to your personal readers!

Good luck, see you soon!


This concludes part two of Curation Digest. Stay tuned for a new lot of content in the near future :)

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So nominate away, these epic Steemit content creators deserve all the recognition in the world.

Thanks again for your time and attention. It means the world to us :)

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Courtesy of Light & Love OG Tech Shaman @danyelk

Image Sources:

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Awesome posts! Really interesting,nice you share them with us. That Mexican Mole lizard is really interesting and spooky at the same time :) We also got an interesting creature in Slovenia that lives only in our caves, never sees the sun aaand its called human fish, will share more soon :) Thanks for sharing and supporting everyone! #keepsteemin buddy

Whatttttttttttt now you have me hooked?!!

Let me know when you share this info about human fish :)

Thank you again for caring, it means the world to us.


Will do :) hopefully another reason for you to come visit :) hehe

Amen my brother amennnnnnnn :)

I want to google the human fish but i'm afraid!! hahaaa... will wait for your post. :) thanks for reading!


hehe will be comming soon, will have to do a bit of homework to make post interesting :) It is another unique thing, creature from sLOVEnia :)

Thanks for the input :) I appreciate just being in this position. I wish I could go more in depth about sources too! But I can only say so much when it come to my family and the Mafia! Thank you again @bethalea it's an honor to even be recognized especially after the crappy week I had this brings a smile to my face. Have a great and blessed day. :0)*

Oh, wow, the intrigue continues! ;)

Sorry you had a crappy week, hope this one will be better! Looking forward to reading more of your stuff. :)

Than you 🌞

Upvoted and resteemed! J

Thanks buddy :)

hey, @jjb777 thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for the honor! Love your service :*

thank you for posting real, thoughtful and interesting content, @trumpman! Even if it DID give me nightmares... ;)


Thank you for reading! There's more to come, I took a break today but tomorrow's post is gonna be awesome and not nightmarish at all, I think you will love it 😊😊😊

hahaa, looking forward to it!

You're so welcome and we thank you for your kinds words :)


I need to buy one of this! It's so damn cute!

I don't think they can be bought, it's an Etsy project that you can buy the plans and tutorial to make them. I was thinking about having them made at some point.

I'm flattered by your kind words!! It's the encouragement every author needs here!! Thank you @bethalea!!
Keep supporting people who deserve it! :D

you're so welcome, @ruth-girl! It's my absolute pleasure to be able to read and comment on epic content like yours. Looking forward to reading more!

xo and congrats! :)

Thank you!
I'm flattered! I hope we come across more and more amazing authors here!
Keep promoting quality content! :)

Righttttt she freakin rocks :)

Congrats again @ruth-girl


Thumbs up! good stuff.

Done, will be in next window but this is not something we guarantee to do. I placed an equal bid for the next window for the new post. The post you had was right at the point where we can't vote on them when the voting started so it couldn't vote.

ugh. The link I had sent for #2 was apparently past it's prime, also? thanks for trying, anyways. Good luck.

Good bro..👌✌✌.Good luck👍👍

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