DIY sandbox for my little son

in #build-itlast year

While the townspeople are suffering from self-isolation, in the village, is always something to do. I decided to devote last weekend to building a sandbox for the youngest son.

I have long wanted to do this, but... This time too, unforeseen difficulties arose. The fact is that I have almost no material left, and all my tools was on the construction site of the second house.


So I collected all the remaining boards and plywood that were not used for firewood, sawed it all to the right size, and nailed it together with rusty nails collected in the basement.


I dug up sand in the backyard, separate it from the rocks through a box and voila


Of course, the sandbox is not a masterpiece, but the guys seemed satisfied. The funny thing is that the older children liked the sandbox more, and the youngest one ate some sand and decided that it is not his theme :)


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