More Bugs on Steemit

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These are the bugs on Steemit. Rather than demanding a ransom for each bug I found I just want to share with you a little about each.

The first is the Camel Cricket - 꼽등이

This is also called a cave cricket. They only live in humid place and can be found in bathrooms or basements or caves.

This is no normal cricket. It kind of has a cult following among South Korean Middle School students. Check out this home made camel cricket song and you will see what I mean.

The next is the Beetle -

This is a giant beetle crawling across our window.

This is not exactly a stag beetle but it is a large Asian beetle. Some people may keep something like this as a pet. The next day we found a similar beetle in our bathroom. We just brought it back to the mountain and let it go.



The Cicada Sings

Cicada Interview

Tiny Teachers

Such small creatures
give us a shock

Some think they are disgusting
gross and don't want to look

Bugs are all over
in unexpected places

Lift up a rock and see
say hello

They can't hear you
They follow their sense of smell

They know just what to do
They line up in a row

They do the things
That take us years to do
At school

This is post is dedicated to E.O. Wilson a redneck swampman at heart.

This is the end of my summer bug posts for a while. Enjoy your summer wherever you are.

mining the heart

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we have the cave crickets here in north carolina they invade homes a lot I have one in my bathroom right now actually


Haha. I was wondering. I never saw them in Chicago. They are famous in Japan and Korea. Once again North Carolina seems similar to Korea.


yeah we also have the asian giant cockroaches here ...


Oh my gosh!! @tygertyger... I'm sorry. They must have come on a boat or something. Tell them to go back to Asia.


I sort of do thankfully they usually are only are on my porch i have one seen 2 in the house in the 2 years i live here ...

Buen trabajo amigo @mineopoly , le deseo que tenga un buen día.


Thank you very much @edgargonzalez. I hope you have a wonderful day too amigo ^^

howdy this fine Sunday night @mineopoly! a two meter jumping Camel Cricket! haha! that thing has some long feelers on it. they look like they'd be fun to play with to if you were a kid. the other beetles, not too fond of, they'd get squashed pretty fast.