There is a way to use more than 5 tags on your post?

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I recently discovered something I thought was impossible - getting more than 5 tags on your post on the steem blockchain. But it seems this is not the case and this is actually something that you can do with the Steemshot app. My guess is that this is some kind of bug, but I'm seeing more and more posts with a higher than 5 number of tags.

steepshot tag bug.jpg

As you can see on the blurred out screenshot from their web app, there are a lot of posts with more than 5 tags and this can be checked through multiple interfaces:

That's on steemit...

That's on busy...

Is the tag limit something that is supposed to be a hard limit imposed by the blockchain itself? Or is it something that all the interfaces have decided to keep and that Steepshot has suddenly decided to break? If it was just consensus, this means that it's only a matter of time before somebody makes a tool to add more tags to your posts without having to limit the type of posts you can do like Steepshot does.

From what I can see on about those posts, the tags are just a simple json field, so if Steepshot could enter more than 5 values, so could every other interface out there. And you know what's going to happen if tags become unlimited - tag spam! Everybody will start stuffing their posts with tons of tags to get as much exposure as possible. Sure, tags will become more flexible and more niche tags will be able to thrive a bit more because people would be able to use them, but popular tags are going to get bogged down with unrelated content even more.

I was thinking of testing this out from Steepshot, but it's more than obvious it works and I can't post such a long post from there.


Yeah, that's all we need. More ways to spam! Because, apparently, self-control and self-policing is impossible.

Still, there needs to be a way for content to be discovered other than self-votes and vote bots.

Five tags are quite a few, though. If no one is reading it in five tags, will they do it with 10?

Bouncing back and forth so much here I feel like the proverbial ping pong ball.

I'm not sure really. I think more tags would allow the biggest of players to dominate even more tag real estate the way the trending pages work. I personally think that 5 tags is pretty decent. Discovery through tags is still difficult because you need a following and strong voters to get to hot or trending and new is a low quality firehose. I think the comment section is still the best way to find interesting people on here or more niche tags that the big dogs are not so interested in. But discovery remains a huge problem on here. Oh, and there are some nice communities on and discord where one could also start making friends depending on their interests. But it's hard to get noticed really...

I've gone to the twice and its like Twitter—everyone shouting at each other at once.

Yeah, I'm sure for those who want to, they'll use more tags in ways they weren't intended to be used. Getting noticed is the key. There has to be a better way.

5 may be less but 10 or more is too much and will definitely lead to spamming. This has to be fixed in some way. If this is not a hard limit at the blockchain level, more and more interfaces will start to allow this.

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I have seen that it is also possible when using steepshot, have not tried though if they are traceable in steemit.

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