I found a funny bug on steemit - [ completely wrong calculation in my "Author-rewards" ]

in bug •  3 years ago

Today I found a funny bug on my steemit account. This is completely wrong calculation in my Author Rewards Section. 

It shows -


Daily average author rewards:
9,677.834 STEEM POWER
4983.376 STEEM
1491.254 SD

Estimated author rewards last week:
67,744.839 STEEM POWER
34883.634 STEEM
10438.780 SD

You may check it now : https://steemit.com/@royalmacro/author-rewards

Have you any idea ? Why it happened to me ? Please, anybody help to solve this issue.

Update : I've just checked about 100 random accounts & found no errors. It seems to me that the wrong calculation is only for my account ...... I surprised !!!

Update : Now it shows right calculation ....... thanks god :)

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I've seen once my rep score jumped from 52 to 61 for no obvious reason (no upvotes from whales) to come back down in a few hours.


ha ha ....... funny ..isn't it ?


Well, maybe we are just getting some messages from the future )

So, god fix this? :-)


may be god or, alien