Reflection on Buffalo Bills Season

in #buffalo6 years ago

So the Buffalo Bills finally did it! After 17 comical years and what has been a turnstile of coaches, quarterbacks, and Tom Brady. They kicked off the season by shipping out or letting a lot of their talent walk in an attempt to stockpile picks/cap room for the upcoming season. Before the season began, I took a pool at work with a few co-workers and given my eternal Bills optimism I predicted 9 wins while many pegged them between 3 or 5. Nonetheless, after surviving the Dolphins and nothing short of a miracle from Andy Dalton; the drought was over!

In typical Bills fashion, they traveled to Sacksonville and put up 3 mind blowing points on national TV. To top it off, Tyrod Taylor was knocked out cold in an attempt to tie the game and rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman proved again he can't. In what was one of the worst playoff games I've watched in awhile, at least the monkey is off our back.

Now that I've had to prolong my draft homework, it is time to start looking into the upcoming prospects. I was curious to hear the thoughts of any Bills Mafia out there or any outsiders perspective for the upcoming season. I for one have tried to be a Tyrod supporter for as long as I could, but after this season it's clear as day they NEED to find the future. They have a lot of capital to essentially do wherever they want, what would you do?

Go Bills!

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