Buffalo Has Cool, Old, Green Buses!

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 I don't ever ride the bus... but if I did, I'd take this one. 

 Considering Buffalo, NY only gets 54 average days of sunshine per year, I was fortunate to get this kind of lighting. I shot this photo in the fall of 2017 on a Canon 77D, in downtown Buffalo. I can't recall if I had used the 18-55mm kit lens, or my 24-70mm "Brick". For me, the photo almost looked liked a painting when I got home to view it. So, I increased the saturation beyond levels that are likely recommended, gave it some contrast, tweaked the whatnots 'n thingamajigs and tried to increase that effect a bit! My only regret is that I was not able to catch that bus centered to the obelisk (big white stone pillar) behind it. 

 If I'm being honest with myself, this photo will probably never win any awards. However, I still consider myself an amateur photographer and this photo was one of my first "good" photos, IMO. So, it carries a bit of sentimental value for me. I thought I'd share it with you all. I hope you like it. 

 Also, don't these green and yellow painted buses look so much cooler than the typical boring color-schemes you see on a lot of buses around? I thought so... In fact, I think the entire reason I snapped this shot, was because I liked that bus! Turns out that the NFTA (Niagara Falls Transportation Authority) has several 40-foot, hybrid buses that run a mix of diesel and electric-power. Not sure if this is one of them, or not.
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Nice and awesome Photography....


Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! I just made another post that shows several shots I took in a "Park Session". Check 'em out!