Get off my back 100 times per day. Juggling expenses.

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Here's a DTube video of some street performers

that I have seen here and there as they have grown up from five-year-olds.


They run into the street as soon as it is safe to cross, start juggling, stop juggling and collect money from the captive drivers stuck at the light. This is what they do. One hundred times per day. No school. No days off. Here, in the but-bottom of the world, the poor kids feed the poor parents in many cases.

▶️ DTube

For lunch these boys will spend $300-400 on fast food.

Inflation makes it worse.

I have lived here for nearly twenty years now. I have paid $0.50 for a quart (liter) of milk and I have paid $30.00 (currently) for the same thing. When I got here, there was a one-to-one peg making the Argentine peso worth the same as the dollar. About 17 years ago, the government devalued the peso and the road to inflation started, currently at $21.00 (pesos) to buy $1.00 (dollar).



The dollar is currently starting its inflationary track, so that would mean that the above chart is actually on a steeper incline but (the source) is assuming a stable dollar. If you have heard of the horrid conditions in Venezuela, then you know what is about to happen within the next six to 12 months here.

How will the poor make it?



Cada día se hace mas difícil. Lamento por los que mas sufren la inflación. Gracias a Dios estamos lejos en este momento, aquí la vida se lleva mejor, aun así sufrimos con nuestros seres queridos en aquel lugar. Saludos @sponge-bob!

Hola Eli. Estoy asemblando todo de vuelta despues de la guierra (suspiro). Ojala que ustedes y tu grupo de #mercosur consigen algunos votos mios pq los merecen! Cuando confia eso en las manos del DrPhil, todo va a mejorar.

Feliz estoy de que la guerra haya terminado (re-suspiro😁). Sentimos tu ausencia estás semanas, esperemos que todo mejore hablando del precio de las crypto también. Seguimos trabajando con #mercosur. Gracias por tu apoyo de siempre. Un abrazo!!! Saludos.

Quién es DrPhil?

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Interesting .. Damn corruption
And a beautiful from you, well done
Thanks for sharing this with us

I still remember the year, around 2009, you started to see this in Venezuela, every 50 traffic lights, you saw 1 or 2 guys doing any kind of magic tricks, dancing and juggling for money.

then 2 years later every 20 blocks, then every 3-2 blocks.

then windshield cleaners.

then street sellers

then robberies, the car rings. desperate kids, desperately pulling off the rings and nobody to defend, something like this but more wild, more mad max

the video below is calm, relaxed and more ninja. What im telling you looked like rats, raiding and storming a cheese pile.

I'm telling you. It is coming here - the whole garbage government destruction of society due to their printing presses. Thanks for chiming in with the Venezuela perspective.

Here's one back at you. Guys going around on the trains handing out over 1,000,000 Venezuelan Bolivars. They hope to get coins for each $20,000 bill.

How can people have faith in this paper!

All of it. It's just paper. It all goes to its intrinsic value within 20 to 60 years. (the dollar hasn't because it has always had guns and armies that force you to use it)

Burn the paper!

im talling you. JUST YESTERDAY maduro announced they are removing 3 zeroes to the venezuelan currency, again to decieve people, to hide the hiperinflation.

Hello dear friend @ sponge-bob, I am from Corrientes Argentina, one of the poorest provinces in my country. Here it is very common to see these activities, the children keep their parents who do not want to work, we come from more than two generations of parents killed for help from the state.
even if you do not want to believe these guys earn more than any local employee, they collect around $ 400 and $ 500 pesos a day, for this reason more and more people are dedicated to this in the streets.
I wish you a great day

I know. I have also seen parents who scar their kids with burn marks for more pity. Then subject the kids to walk up and down the subway cars for coins. It goes on for years then those kids have kids and it's the only way of life that they know. Sad.

At least there are no gangs or gang warfare here.

That's nuts. Hopefully you've still got some money in dollars (didn't think I would be saying that any time soon!)

I got rid of all my dollars years ago because I believe it will do the same as the peso. Unfortunately I gather up some dollars when steem was at $7.50 and I am holding some. I usually turn paper into gold so that it will withstand hard times. But trading crypto has kept me busy.

street performer is good :D

wOW team work really does make the dream work. I love this clip @sponge-bob!!!!

They do it for food and money .
Nice video

sad but definitely makes me wanna do something about it.

It's everywhere. About a third of what you see is kids alone like this, a third is mom's with babies who sit on the side walk near grocery stores with a box for donations, and a third is Dads on buses and trains playing guitar or doing comedy, poetry, etc. It's like steemit but in real life.

Good content and an interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

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at this rate only crypto will survive when even fiat couldn't stand the pressure

Woahhhh wtf

hey this is very interesting your publication.

post your good broder

nice article @sponge-bob
the first is funny
thank you for sharing

I would rather pay the kids to do tricks than get robbed by them. I think most people here feel the same way.
Still, we could break the chain and teach them to put original stuff on steemit and let them earn their way out of poverty. I have thought about it, but they would need coaching or get flagged to death.

Yes, you are right, and I am talking about poverty in this publication
I think as I think to give solutions to the children and support them in order to achieve their dream, I also poor family but studied and fought for the realization of my dream is to play in the Moroccan national team
nice to meet you friend
I WISH TO you good day

this writing is very informative and interesting.
keep it up and thank you.

you are great man
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It is common to see these artists throughout Latin America, they earn their daily bread with much effort and sacrifice their childhood to help their family.
The street is not easy but life got hard and they try to get ahead.

I know that every human should be doing at least two things. One of them earns today's bread, and the other is to try to eliminate the need for the first. Example: Working at the car wash, posting content on steemit and learning how to save it, then trade it.

It's true there's a lot to do! we have to find a way for the less favored to have better opportunities, steemit for me has been a great tool, although it has been of little help. saludos @sponge-bob

wow, this is good news, in the area I live there is still something like this, although there are differences, if in your place they are on the street from the age of 5 years, in my area especially Aceh children under age if on the street at the hour school, they will be arrested by the authorities to re-build, but at this time I have already banned to look at it

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