Pink Sherbet - Harvest Pics

in budporn •  4 months ago

I took Pink Sherbet two days ago after 50 days of flowering. She was ready!


And here's the whole plant that was deprived of water by the very end.


💨 💨 💨

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looks delicious LOL

Those trichomes are beautiful!


They sure are :)


oh my lord! Thats frosty. Is it because you starved it of water on its last days?


LEDs + High Brix soil + the right environment :)


Nice! How you doing. You see I gave you a 100% upvote from canna? We are sitting at 10k and climbing. Also canna curate is a top 20 witness on smoke


Great man, thx a lot! C-c is going forward. I'm too busy right now to actively partake, but we'll see in a bit.

Beautiful. Trichomes for days. Trichomes for daze. :)

Wow... so beautiful. Do you share these over on too ?

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No man, I don't have time for that :)

Oh nice bud shots. They look good and healthy. Dense I bet. spun


Yeah they're not very big, but quite dense.