RE: Hiring 1 Developer to Build a P2P Steem/USD Gateway!

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Hiring 1 Developer to Build a P2P Steem/USD Gateway!

in budget •  last year

We're doing almost exactly this with Bitcash (
We'll have a reputation system. It will be peer-to-peer.
Proof of concept/MVP is at: and our wallet is in maintenance mode.
The concern @blocktrades has is understandable, but I think for smaller volumes peer-to-peer exchanges will be fine.
My main focus right now is on this project. We use the Bitshares platform because it's easier to swap 1:1 between dollars for bitUSD and then go back and forth from Steem. I think you can do one just for Steem, but you'll be dealing with order books since Steem dollars don't hold a peg. Best.

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this will be huuuuge!

@steemrollin thank you for letting us know you are working on this project! I hope it goes well and think we benefit from getting as many projects like yours functional as possible! I got an error on the sign up page.


Thanks @jerrybanfield! Yes our wallet is in maintenance mode right now since it still is in MVP mode and didn't want too many people signing up (we get a lot of traffic from people thinking our website is related to Bitcoin cash).. but we'll get back up soon .. thx!