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RE: Hiring 1 Developer to Build a P2P Steem/USD Gateway!

in #budget6 years ago

Hey @jerrybanfield, one of our developers could take this on, feel free to contact us if you're interested


Done! Thank you for helping me see this here on the post!

i wish he will contact you ! i tried to contact him but no way :|

Yes bro!!!!!absolutely correct

It is just another publication nothing more, false promises do not waste time.

This is great news, the more that we can make crypto peer to peer the better. having third party exchanges just seems to archaic. Hopefully a platform like this will enable us to deal with each other, rather than a faceless exchange like binance

What does BernieSanders know anyway. I commend @jerrybanfield for his time and thought to maks this a success. @Privex do your thing!!! STEEEEEEM IT!!!

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